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Vera R.
Better Sleep with Medic (now upgraded to Sky)

Somavedic - my perception after almost 14 days ...
Slab high-rise building, 5th floor, city of Ostrava (mining), a very negative zone runs right through the bedroom ...
Sleep is wonderful.
No feelings of physical fatigue, even when I'm out, and I can also indulge in strenuous Zumba classes or other workouts ...
And the water next to the Somavedic-Atlantic device tastes like the water that Jesus turned into wine.
Thank you very much that in Ostrava, in the vicinity of a building, more like a 12-story colossus, crammed full of IT technology, you can live comfortably and healthily.
Věra R.

Somavedic Sky

Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path. It promotes greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep.