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Teal Swan: Experience with Somavedic Amber and Titanium Pyramid



As a world-renowned extrasensory spiritual leader, I am constantly disappointed by "energy devices" advertising as great products but that are actually nothing but a placebo. What is sadder is that because most people don't visually see energy fields, they are at risk for falling prey to gimmicks. This is why Somavedic is so impressive to me. These devices actually do what they say they do. They create and maintain wellbeing. If I were to pick the things that impress me the most about them, it is the following:

They create detox and cleansing. Within four days of sleeping with one in the room, I noticed that it was causing my body to flush itself free of free radicals, bacteria, parasites, and chemical toxicity. I was sweating as well as using the restroom frequently and feeling more purified each time.The device that I use most (The Medic Amber) has an energy field just under 200 feet in diameter. So it positively affects multiple rooms in the house. And its positive frequency dominates the room so it is filled with a high-frequency energy field. My pets choose to spend time in the room with it over any other room in the house.It neutralizes frequencies and signals. A big issue for me as an extrasensory is sleeping at night. I will never forget a night when I was in bed, unable to stop hearing the play by plays of a football game on a radio frequency that was somehow coming through the room I was sitting in. My life is one of constant frequency interference because I can perceive these frequencies that most people live with and are affected by every day but can't see or feel. The Somavedic device prevents the vast majority of these frequencies from even being perceivable.I use these devices with drinking water and food. It creates a beautiful coherence pattern in water and in food and I have noticed it improving not only absorption but also the entire experience of eating and drinking. The food and water that interact with these devices create health.

I have also been using the titanium pyramid. If I were, to sum up, the energy of titanium, it would be a vital force. Titanium is energy, energy, energy. It creates healthhealing and perhaps first and foremost regeneration. I have noticed it has a dramatic effect on the oxygenation of cells, which is a huge part of the body's capacity to heal. It also creates a "stable heart" which means that on a physical and emotional level, it creates a sensation of stability. It can be used as a manifestation tool for whatever it is that you have intended for your life. But I have noticed two things. Firstly, the titanium pyramid enhances the Somavedic device and even more impressively, the Somavedic enhances the titanium pyramid. When used together, the Somavedic and the Titanium Pyramids are like the ultimate "adversity protection team".

People today are facing lots of adversity. For example, adversity from free radicals, adversity from technology, adversity from chemical inundation, bacterias, parasites, viruses, various life experiences that cause a flood of stress chemicals within our own body. It's very hard to stay healthy when we are faced with so much adversity. We become toxic, dramatically weakened and undernourished. Together, these tools work to reduce if not eliminate these adversarial influences that do not add to your wellbeing and add coherent vital force to what does add to your wellbeing. I can personally attest to the fact that these devices are the real deal and as an extrasensory, I use them myself."