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Somavedic Harmony is the perfect travel companion especially valued for long commutes - providing EMF protection while keeping driver and passengers refreshingly alert and at ease. Also recommended for smaller rooms.


3G | 4G | EMFs | Free Radicals | Geopathic Stress


Small Rooms | Small Offices | Cars | Airplane Travel | Hotel Rooms


Creates coherent energy field covering 323 square feet / 30 square meters


We feel so protected energetically when travelling with Harmony, not just in the vehicle during the commute, but also in the places we stay overnight! A travel essential!

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Smaller Spaces and On-the-Go EMF Protection.


    "EMFs in a car in motion with brakes applied + ABS activation may well exceed 100 mG. Adding RF radiation from blue tooth, Wi Fi, the cell phones of the passengers, the 4G antennas laid out all along the major roads plus the radars of cars already equipped with, located behind, left or right of a vehicle, the total EMF and EMR fields will exceed any limits humans can tolerate over a long period of time."

    Dr. Theodore P. Metsis
    Dipl.Eng., M.Sc.(Eng.), Ph.D. Mechanical, Electrical, Environmental Engineer

    Specifically developed for driver and passengers’ protection against car and on-the-road EMFs, Somavedic Harmony neutralizes the EMF radiation emitted by the ever-increasing wireless sensors, electronic, bluetooth and wifi components in modern-day vehicles.

    Counter the Effects of Faraday Cage

    The metal casing of cars tends to keep radiation trapped within the vehicle. This is called the Faraday cage effect and has been shown to dramatically magnify the amount of radiation that driver and passengers are exposed to.

    For an Enjoyable, Refreshing Commute

    Somavedic Harmony safely neutralizes the Faraday cage effect, it offers both driver and passengers an alert and refreshing commute.

    This model is an ideal travel companion. In addition to cars, Somavedic Harmony is suitable for use in small rooms, hotel rooms, small offices, air travel.

    How Somavedic Works

    I bought this specifically for my road trip. Doing around 8 hrs in the car each day. I’ve done long hr road trips before but this last one with this device is a game changer! Loved it so much. I didn’t feel drained at all. Can’t wait to buy the bigger models for home.

    Ashtyn C.

    No more toddler meltdowns in the car! Once a week our family drives 30-40 min each way to the chiropractor. Keeping our 3 and 1 year olds happy is always a challenge and requires constant snacks, toys, etc. Today was our first car ride with the Harmony and our kids actually rode in silence for a section of the drive. At one point our three year old sang to herself while I made a phone call. We arrived home with both kids smiling (it’s usually tears by the time we get home). My mind is blown. This is a vast difference from our usual stressful drive.


    • Product Dimensions : 4.5" x 4.5" x (H) 2.5"
    • Body: Hand-blown crystal glass with silver lining
    • Heart: Tesla coil, semi-precious stones, precious stones and precious metals (Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Cu, Zn)
    • Includes: USB cable with a worldwide adapter
    • Creates coherent energy field covering 323 square feet / 30 square meters.

  • Independent clinical tests certify the positive and protective effects of Somavedic Harmony which is an upgraded Traveler and a smaller version of the powerful Somavedic Sky model. 

    Certified to Protect against EMF and Geopathic Stress

    After independent biophysical testing, the IGEF has certified that Somavedic Sky is suitable as a protective device when exposed to high frequency electromagnetic radiation, electrosmog and geopathic zones.

    Link to studies

    Certified to Protect against EMF and Geopathic Stress

    After independent biophysical testing, the IGEF has certified that Somavedic Traveler (predecessor model to Harmony) is suitable as a protective device when exposed to high frequency electromagnetic radiation, electrosmog and geopathic zones.

    Link to studies

Frequently Asked Questions

How Somavedic works
How does Somavedic work?
Somavedic technology is the result of over 15 years of Research and Development in the fields of quantum physics, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy and frequency theory.

Somavedic operates on the principle of the controlled release of energy from crystals - precious and semi-precious stones are arranged in a precisely defined configuration that forms the Somavedic core.

This proprietary configuration of healing crystals as well as precious metals creates a mutual multiplier effect to directly neutralize disturbances in the environment (EMFs, electrosmog, geopathic disturbances, etc.) and clear energetic blockages.

Scientifically proven and certified, Somavedic devices help eliminate the maximum amount of the toxic load that weakens the living being. By clearing these energetic blockages, it supports the natural healing and regeneration of human beings.
How do crystals in Somavedic neutralize EMF?
Somavedic crystals do not block EMFs. They can, however, neutralize the effects of EMF radiation on our cells at the subtle energy level.

They help our physical and subtle energy bodies cope with the negative effects of EMFs. By supporting our immune system, Somavedic crystals protect human organs from the harmful effects of EMFs and bring our energies back into balance .
Usage and Placement
Where is the best location for my Somavedic Harmony in the car?
A suggested location is the passenger-side floor or any location in your car such that it is stable, not distracting you when driving, and pluggable to a USB or outlet.
Should Somavedic Harmony always be switched on in the car?
To be most beneficial, Harmony should always be plugged into your USB outlet whenever the car engine is running.

If it is not plugged in, Harmony offers reduced protection at 60% efficiency.
Where is the best location for my Somavedic Harmony in my room?
For a small room, try to place Harmony in as central a location as possible to ensure the entire room is protected. Harmony offers coverage of 30 square meters.
Should Somavedic Harmony always be switched on in my room?
Yes, to maximize its effectiveness, please keep Harmony plugged in 24x7. The electricity consumption is minimal - 1 kWh per month is not exceeded.

If it is not plugged in, Harmony offers reduced protection at 60% efficiency.
Impact and Effectiveness
Will my WiFi and smartphone continue to work while using the Somavedic devices?
Yes they will. The EMFs in our environment continue to be present and measurable even when Somavedic devices are switched on.

Somavedic neutralizes the harmful EMF radiation, thus protecting our body at the cellular level.
Why do my EMF meter readings not change when testing near my Somavedic unit?
This is because Somavedic units do not block the EMFs. Your wireless devices and other EMF-emitting devices continue to operate without interference. As an EMF Harmonizer, Somavedic neutralizes the negative and harmful effects of EMFs.
How then can I measure the effectiveness of Somavedic?
There are at least three ways to measure the positive effect Somavedic has on the body: bioresonance tests, urine tests, and blood tests.

The electromagnetic load or the oxidative status of the body can be tested with bioresonance devices. The effect of Somavedic has been documented and proven through countless practical experience with many bioresonance centers, alternative practitioners, but also through the experience of doctors and medical institutions.

The effect of Somavedic devices can be measured with the free radical test. Somavedic products have the ability to neutralize free radicals , which are responsible for the harmful oxidation processes in our body . Therefore, measure your oxidative status before and after using Somavedic products and convince yourself of their positive effect.

Furthermore, the redox status (oxidative stress) of the body can be determined by blood tests in the laboratory before and after the use of Somavedic devices.
What improvements can I expect?
The Somavedic effect is individual and depends on several factors. The initial experience after switching on Somavedic depends on the sensitivity and perception of each individual. Most users don't feel any change at first, but sensitive people can feel the difference almost immediately.

So far, we have only seen positive effects from Somavedic. The only difference is how long it takes - some see the positive changes sooner, others later.
I don't feel any changes, am I still protected against 5G and EMF?
Everyone perceives vibrations individually. Even if you don't feel it, your body is protected against EMF radiation and geopathic stress at the cellular level. The Somavedic device protects you as long as it is in your vicinity. This has been proven through years of practice in bioresonance therapy, but also through certificates of Somavedic devices from well-known institutes as shared above.
Care and Maintenance
How do I clean my device?
Somavedic devices can be dusted with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth, but this should just be pure water (no cleaning sprays).
How long can I expect each Somavedic unit to be effective for?
The Somavedic devices are designed for an expected service life of 7-10 years, and 100% guaranteed to be functional and effective for 5 years.
Do I need to recharge my Somavedic Harmony?
No. By being connected to the power grid, the crystals within the Somavedic device are constantly connected to the earth, i.e. to their original natural environment, and the cleaning and energetic "charging" takes place automatically and continuously.
Will the area of protection decrease over time?
No. The area of protection is expected to last for the entire lifespan of each unit.

Customer Reviews

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Lorenza G
We will never travel without the SomaVedic Harmony

For the past three summers, we have joined the same one-week meditation retreat in Ottawa. The retreat comes with accomodations at the same place each year. During the first two summers of our retreat, my husband and I always had difficulty with sleep as we were in a different environment outside our home. This past summer, August 2021, we brought our newly purchased Somavedic Harmony with us and we kept it on in our bedroom the whole time we were there. What an “AAAmazing” change from the other years! We both slept so well and felt the shift in energy to something calming yet energizing. We both agreed we will never travel without the Harmony because it is a must if you want to optimize your living space away from home! In addition, my husband loved it so much that when we're not traveling long distance he keeps the Harmony in his home office!