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Pure Water and Much, Much More with Medic Green Ultra

It's not my birthday until the end of March, but I've already given myself my birthday present, or better said, saved up together.
The part is really mega, you don't want to miss it anymore.
Here is my experience that I have had so far.
The Somavedic Medic uranium arrived on March 5th, 2019. Oh, it's cute, you want to gently stroke the "little head".
The strong energy could already be felt when unpacking. I immediately wanted to know how high the vibration of the device is when it is switched off. My pendulum stopped at 900,000 thousand Bovis units. And that's huge. My head began to be wrapped in cotton wool, a strange feeling. Tadaaaa ... and now the Somi was also allowed to go to the electricity, so that I could feel his full power. Holla the forest fairy ... what's going on? When the Bovis value was measured, the pendulum showed 5.2 million Bovis units when it was switched on. Well, if that's not the full boom. 🤩 Energy impulses that you first have to cope with. My head is packed in a cloud of energy. Vertigo that hardly lets you walk straight. And from an energetic point of view, I am really used to strong energies, some of which are far higher. But this is very different.

And that's just the beginning, because the device is only connected to the electricity for 5 minutes. (13:10 switched on) And straight to the next test. As I said, Somi only 5 minutes on the electricity, I wanted to know how the Somi affects the "electrosmog cave" (PC and other technical stuff ...) of my son. Amazing ..... no more evidence of contamination !!!!! Tensor no longer shows electrosmog. How cool is that? Oh ..... and the water vein that goes right through our apartment is also neutralized. 🏻 And because testing is so fun, I also tested our tap water at the same time. The water from the tap has a Bovis value of 2000 BE, i.e. dead matter and not really valuable for the body. After an estimated 10 minutes next to my new firefly, the Bovis value was 520,000 BE.
The water tastes delicious, so pure and clear. It tingles pleasantly on the tongue when you drink it. What will I just drink from today? My cells will thank me because from today they will be filled with pure life energy and the self-healing powers will run at full speed.
I also tried meditation in the early evening. Thanks to Somi, I had the necessary relaxation.
And what is my third eye doing? It just had nothing better to do than to dance the samba first. There was quite a movement in there. At first it wasn't really possible to go into meditation.
I've always wanted to experience Niagara Falls, I don't need it anymore because I now have it in our bathroom. I didn't even know that I had so much water in me and wanted to get it out, I also drank a lot of Somi water. I support the detoxification, which is stimulated by the Urani, with an oil mixture, which promotes the detoxification of the body. Quite a lot, but also really exciting and refreshing to find out which mode of action the Urani offers.
The first night with my firefly was filled with deep sleep, the next was more restless. Something happens ... so it can be. Feel relaxed. Physically there is a bit of a nuisance here and there, but it's not that bad. Above all, you can now feel more lightness.
The fascinating thing is when I step out of my light Somi wonderland and enter the commercial building in which I work, it knocks my legs off. Oppressive, heavy, an almost unbearable burden can be felt.
I have already noticed this heaviness before, but now the comparison is even more blatant.
That's it for now.
I can only recommend the Somavedic. 
Thank you

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is our absolute bestseller! It's an ideal choice for virtually any place that needs to harmonize its space and at the same time it structures the water.