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Eva R.
Healthy Lifestyle with Somavedic

Our experiences with the Somatex (previous name of Somavedic) devices:
The first device was the Harmony model. Shortly after installing this device, we observed an effect on plants. Since we live on the ground floor and the flower pots can be seen from other windows, the neighbors noticed that too. If any of the plants begin to wither, I place the Somatex Harmony device near them and healing begins. The flower is a living organism, just like humans.
I must emphasize that when the Somatex device is connected to the power supply, the effects do not occur immediately; it takes some time after which the change is noticeable. My husband has high blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and heart problems to such an extent that we thought this was the end of it. And there was such a change not only in his state of health, but also in his behavior towards a healthy lifestyle, which he has so far underestimated. This change is not only noticed by the next of kin, but also by acquaintances who have not seen him for a long time.
The term harmony really fulfills what this device radiates, ie a harmonization in behavior and relationships and peaceful coexistence.
I have had many surgical interventions myself and have three demanding operations behind me. The Somatex Harmonie device has made a significant contribution to suitable healing.
We currently have the Somatex Medic with us, which is also a great decoration for the apartment and makes pleasant company. So far I have the feeling that problems from the past are emerging, that Somatex is pointing out the unresolved burdens that we carry with us as "corpses in the basement". Increased tiredness and joint pain are also noticeable, but after the experience with the Somatex Harmonie device, this will improve again over time.
Somatex is not a panacea for physical and mental illnesses, it is a HELPER who helps and points out through its charisma, but the human will to eliminate psychological complaints, the effort to get well again from physical illnesses, are IRREPLACEABLE! The device cannot treat psychosomatic problems.
Somatex will not help people who do not want to change, who fondle their "ailments" from the past. We have to want to be healthy and suppress the negations from the past because we, too, have not always acted according to the "ten commandments".
Last but not least, the Somatex Atlantik device should be pointed out. I was never able to drink water from the normal house tap, the chlorine bothered me and I had a sore throat. I had to take mineral water to drink, and even if I had changed it every now and then, it was reflected in my health. The water treated with Atlantik is very tasty, it reminds me of the water from the springs in Jesenice, and if you add a few wedges of lemon, you have a drink full of health.
Conclusion: I was also in the areas where the Somatex device is manufactured and tested. This huge surge of strength and energy is proof that Somatex has a future.

Somavedic Sky

Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path. It promotes greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep.