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Jirka K.
Harmonization of Negative Zones with Somavedic

What is Somavedic? You can read that it is a device. I don't think that's appropriate. It would be difficult to find another word that would be suitable for the layperson, but I still cannot identify with this expression. Likewise, I cannot say that a menhir is a device. I cannot call Somavedic a device either. It's true that a menhir doesn't have a cable that you can plug in, but that's where I see its charm. A menhir is grounded. Somavedic is not earthed and works without a cable in a socket, without earthing. When the cable is plugged in, it only strengthens its function, ie it is earthed and the stones "shine" around 10-15% more. Yes, Stones, because his heart is made up of precisely assembled gemstones. And in the second row a diode ring lights up, which can be understood as an additional effect, but it also has its own meaning.
So what is Somavedic anyway? For me it is a small mobile menhir. In my opinion and experience it is a harmonizer of the environment that radiates energy. Its main task is the harmonization of spaces, in a radius of up to 50 meters. Above all, it harmonizes the pathogenic disturbance zones, electrosmog and the psychosomatic zones. All these zones are all around us and also have an unnoticed effect on us, but above all they influence us negatively and permanently. In the worst case, they suck out our energy and then our health as well.
  • There are natural and artificial pathogenic zones. The natural zones are radiated from the earth, often we don't know about them at all, and sometimes it is difficult to avoid them. The artificial zones are created by human activities, every excavation, every pipeline, every cable in the earth has its own zone in the earth (also high voltage, transformer station ...)
  • Electrosmog is caused by human activity, the cables in the wall, as well as the sockets and every device that needs electricity, emit something. Lately there have been energy-saving lamps, cell phones, wifi systems and similar achievements that weave more and more through our living space.
  • Psychosomatic zones also arise from human activity. It is about energetic traces that every person leaves behind. And sometimes there are very "dense" tracks. Particularly clear traces remain here of negative, hateful, envious but also weak and less self-confident people who absorb different energies and then leave them behind. And now we're only talking about unconscious traces. It is worse when people consciously leave such marks, and there are people who are very good at it. Strong zones often arise as remnants of certain unsightly mass events or mass activities. The harmonizer harmonizes the negative frequencies in such zones.
A long-term stay in an environment with these zones brings a slow but sure deterioration of the state of health. Somavedic helps to reliably harmonize the frequencies of the first zone types and helps to ensure that our health does not deteriorate as a result; also with the third type of zone, but it's a little more complicated there.
Somavedic seems to be able to remove many things that could affect us. And it is also true for the first two types and partly also for the third. But by no means can it eliminate all psychosomatic complaints. There are many things that we have to solve ourselves, what is a real task on our way cannot be done by any auxiliary device. Such a helper helps us to remove the obstacles that would slow down our path or lead us astray, but we have to solve our tasks ourselves. Somavedic is a helper, it helps the physical body so that it does not burden us with "unnecessary" problems and enables us to sometimes face very difficult task tests that would otherwise remain veiled or covered by physical problems. Although new tasks sometimes show up as physical problems and indicate the unresolved stresses. Somavedic often draws our attention to unsolved problems and "demands" us to solve them, even though we do not want to deal with them or we deliberately postpone them. And that is already the effect of an energy radiating device. Each stone in the device has its exact position, frequency, which is strengthened by the community of the other stones, and it radiates these frequencies in harmony into the environment. 
In addition to harmonizing the negative zones, there is also a fine and delicate "healing" through precious stones. Sometimes the reference to the tasks ahead of us is more harsh than fine. If we overlook our tasks or unresolved stresses, we get a hint, usually in the form of physical discomfort. But we already know that it is not just that we have overlooked something important, which is of psychosomatic origin and which only affects ourselves. It is almost always unresolved burdens and relationships from the past. We have done something bad in the past and it is necessary to make it right again. And that appears again and again until we solve it. And since we have all committed many sins in the past, consciously or unconsciously, it is a repetitive process. However, if we do not overlook such clues, the physical discomfort usually does not become very severe. And Somavedic is great at helping us not to overlook them.
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