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Kane Bixby D.C.
My wife has fewer headaches and slept better

2000 Van Ness Ave, Suite 401
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 279-6717
19th October 2019
RE: Somavedic Green Ultra Rating (This model is sold in the US under the name Medic Green Ultra. It is identical to the Medic Uran model.)
I have been using the Somavedic Green Ultra model in my home for about 5 weeks. My wife and I set it up in the kitchen near the WiFi router. Welcome to the modern. We need to be connected to the internet, but we don't want to be cooked by the microwave electromagnetic fields from our cell phones, iPads and laptops.
I tested the device with a Gaussian measuring device (measures the magnetic field). The device does not emit a measurable (EMF) electromagnetic field.
Subjectively, my wife loves it. She has fewer headaches and she slept better. These are her two biggest problems, likely caused by EMF exposure. Dare I say she is happier and "less irritable" because of her improved sleep.
I have no way of measuring the permeability of her or my capillary (the blood-brain barrier). These types of tests would require real-time radioisotope contrast brain scans. Hence, I have no objective way of quantifying the reduction in microwave EMF.
Aesthetically, the device is very appealing and the light it emits is very pleasant.
Kane Bixby DC

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

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