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Martin F.
Higher Vibrations with Medic (now upgraded to Sky)

When I first heard about the effects of Somavedic a few years ago, I thought: That sounds way too good to be true, and that's why I got it out of my head right away. A few years later a friend gave me two parcels with the words: "One is for you and the other for Teal Swan. Please give that to her at the seminar, because I'm in Amazonia." When I looked inside the package, I found a small Somavedic device there. So it finally found its way to me ...
When I plugged the device into the socket at home with my girlfriend, the whole room was suddenly filled with a strangely subtle energy and we felt a slight dizziness, as if our consciousness was expanding. This "thing" piqued our interest ...
We learned that the core of the device is made up of minerals, semi-precious stones and precious stones. As is well known, these contain an unimaginable amount of healing energy, which we cannot normally use to the full. However, Somavedic can release this energy in a controlled manner. The minerals used for Somavedic are placed in a specific arrangement in the devices. The vibrations of the built-in gemstones are amplified by the light waves from LEDs and thus achieve a higher degree of efficiency.
If you let them act on you, the mutually supporting vibrations of the minerals can harmonize the environment, ie neutralize negative vibrations. In an environment harmonized in this way, nothing stands in the way of a healthy, life-giving energy flow, which will soon affect our state of health and improve it considerably.
Because I could feel the energy of the Somavedic device myself, I was also interested in the opinion of the American spiritual teacher Teal Swan, who can not only feel energy but also see it. A few weeks after I gave her the device, I received an email from her. She described to me how she had personally observed how the device transformed the structure of harmful energy patterns into harmless ones. The restructuring has the effect that these energy patterns are no longer harmful to health, and the device thus functions as a protective shield against negative influences. In addition to its effect on geopathogenic zones and electrosmog, Teal was also able to have a positive influence on various "energy footprints", such as places marked by tragic incidents (e.g. suicide, etc.),
Gradually the first health effects began to appear on me too. Above all, I found that I no longer had to take short naps during the day. By "switching off" the geopathogenic zones, I was able to draw enough energy again in my sleep, which I no longer lacked during the day. This full energy charge came in handy when I fasted for the first time and did not eat anything and only drank distilled water for 21 days. I survived the fast surprisingly easily and without any problems, although I had no previous experience with it.
In addition to the numerous positive changes in the physical body, I also noticed how the energy of the Somavedic device rekindled the "stagnant water", the blockages of my psychological problems that had been repressed for years. They suddenly surfaced and got so intense that it was impossible to sweep them back under the rug, so I had to face them and start actively loosening them. I felt that this was exactly what I needed for my development.
It is also worth noting how Somavedic works on the spiritual level. I feel how the subtle energy released by the minerals frees from attachment to matter, increases the vibrations, expands the consciousness and establishes connections to higher spheres. I can recognize various clues that the universe gives me in the form of synchronicities much more reliably. The connections between my thoughts and what is happening around me have now become clearer to me.
I also feel that my intuition has deepened. The most interesting experience with Somavedic was while driving. My girlfriend and I went to a nearby town to do some shopping. It was raining, the left tracks were full of rainwater.
Suddenly an oncoming car skidded and swerved sharply from side to side. In view of the small distance between us and the speed of both vehicles, this was a very critical situation. Suddenly, however, we noticed that something unusual was going on. The oncoming car slid incredibly slowly, as if in slow motion. It took forever to slide from left to right and back again. Our cars almost never approached each other. We slowed down, pulled off the road, and stood on the grass. It took an incredibly long time before the car stopped slipping and finally stopped with us. There were no injuries.
We always have a Somavedic device with us in the car and its protective field of high vibrations, in accordance with the law of attraction, prevented an event of low vibrations, such as an accident, from occurring.
I was so enthusiastic about these findings that I really wanted to get to know the inventor of the Somavedic device. I found that he has exceptional clairvoyant skills which he uses to put together the core of the device. I have also found that it can remotely locate geopathogenic zones, determine the causes of health problems and thus help with their treatment. I have learned that although it is not easy to measure the subtle energy emanating from the minerals, the effectiveness of the device has been measured and confirmed in specialized research laboratories. The effects of the Somavedic device can also be measured with any bioresonance device. So it's not a coincidence
Finally, it remains to be mentioned that people have known about the healing energy of minerals since ancient times and that the most healing minerals, such as gold or silver, are therefore among the most valuable. Somavedic is not only able to release the energy from the minerals in a controlled manner, but can also use it for specific purposes as required. A Somavedic device is an amazing aid in both the physical and the psychological and spiritual realm that makes life a lot better.

Somavedic Sky

Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path. It promotes greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep.