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Enjoying Peace and Calmness with Ruby

A few days prior to my purchase of the Medic Ruby, I felt a strong restlessness in my legs. That kind of nervousness when you cannot sit at one place without moving. Every minute I had to change my position, shift restlessly, cross my legs, etc. A certain role in this definitely played some kind of muscle tension caused by my long distance running, which I had intensively devoted myself to recently, but also many hours spent on a computer and a mobile phone every day. Because I´m a big fan of Somavedic, I have had a few of the models at home for quite a while, including the Medic Green Ultra, the Amber, and I was curious how I would perceive the Ruby. How will the proclaimed harmonization of chakras, mainly the heart chakra, make me feel.
I plugged the device in and after a couple of minutes I started feeling this interesting peace, emptiness and calm spreading throughout my body. The restlessness in my legs suddenly disappeared and I realized I had been sitting in an armchair for half an hour without a single movement. And I was unusually enjoying the state. It was such a nice feeling like you experience after a great meditation. It couldn´t be unnoticed...
That wasn´t the end to my introduction to the Ruby. At 11 p.m., I went out to walk our dog and I suddenly heard a cock crowing. He crowed every 15 seconds again and again. I had never heard a cock crow at night before. It was an unbelievable, even a dreamlike feeling and I thought to myself "doesn´t ´by any chance´ the small red device inside our home play any role in it?". At that moment, I realized that when I was in the Amazon a few years back, attending shamanic rituals with Ayahuasca, in inconvenient states of fear and inner cleansing, I could often hear a dog bark. And vice versa, in blissful states of oneness, love, security and aha moments, I heard cocks crow.
It dawned on me that the cocks weren´t outside there but they were happily crowing inside my head just like in the jungle in the altered state of consciousness. An amazing experience, amazing state! I didn´t have to travel thousands of miles to harmonize my heart chakra and alter my consciousness, I experienced that at home.
Thank you Ruby...

Somavedic Ruby

Somavedic Ruby has all the same features and properties as Somavedic Sky, plus benefits from the unique properties of the Ruby crystal to spiritual growth, encourage kindness and open hearts.