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Clearer Mind with Medic Green Ultra, Higher Vibrations with Gold

I can entrust everything to him and he helps me to solve and purify everything. I've gotten so used to it that every time I leave the house I check that my green friend is still lit, and when I come back the first thing I do is check that my green friend is still lit and nothing is wrong . I also speak to him and thank him almost daily for his great work, but even my words cannot express this huge gratitude. I am not a shaman or a healer or a person with special skills, I am just an ordinary person, but I feel the vibrations of this divine work and perceive them more and more every day. They are really incredibly strong, cleansing, beautiful and loving.
When I woke up one day and Somavedic was not lit, I ran through the apartment like a pet had died. I thought it was broken. I was overwhelmed with total panic, fear, and grief that my green friend would not be with me for a while. Thank goodness they were just blown fuses. 😊 This made me realize for the first time that this device is already an integral part of my life and I cannot be without it. I also take it with me when I'm on a business trip that lasts longer than a day. This green friend and protector keeps me company and at the same time cleans the rooms in the hotels where I sleep. It protects me, takes care of me, and expels dark energies whose company I really don't want. I recognized the cleansing power of this miracle for about half a year when I was constantly tired, my joints, hands, feet, throat ached, I felt like I had the flu, but in my heart I knew it wasn't any Flu and that my life will only thrive if I can bear it. And thats the way it is. My relationships, health, wealth, and consciousness began to change and purify. My mind became clearer and clearer and I became more and more aware of who I am, why I am here, what I want and so on. I have to say it was one of the best years of my life. It was such a ride that you didn't know what was going to happen the next day, but you looked forward to that next day of adventure.
I also bought the Somavedic Medic Uran for my office, where I work at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. In less than a week, I noticed that the invisible gray fog or haze (or whatever you could call it) that was in the office was gone. The air seemed to clear and then very strange things started to happen. Dare I say the bad "things" have started cleaning up and leaving the office. However, since I was in this job for less than a year and then bought this "miracle cleaner of everything", my colleagues are of the opinion that I have some special skills that remove "obstacles" from the way (of course everyone calls it a little different 😊 ). The purification is still in progress, however, so God knows what will happen next and what my colleagues will "attribute" to me. I believe that it would be of great benefit not only for the company, but also for all employees if more devices of this type were bought into this company.
I also had the honor of getting to know the power of Somavedic Gold. Its energy is even higher, stronger and finer than that of Somavedic Medic Green Ultra. His energy is beautiful and indescribable. You can't express that in words, even if you want to, you just have to feel it yourself. I carry the energy of Somavedic Gold in my heart and in my memories, and I also think that this high vibration energy was transmitted into my subtle body during this golden miracle thanks to my meditations, requests and wishes, and I always feel its energy with me. To be in the company of this device for at least a while has been a great honor and a gift for me. I was in heaven with him. I was absolutely carefree, I felt a great influx of love, calm, peace, Purification, connection, energy and communication with beings of light. His energy brought me into meditation in a flash. I hope that in the future I can bring home this golden miracle. My big wish and dream, which I would like to fulfill, is to have all Somavedic models at home 😊.
Based on my own experience with these two wonder devices, I would recommend everyone buy this device. It is one of the best and easiest solutions to improve your life. You just have to persevere and be open to new challenges and opportunities. The decision is yours.
My big THANKS  go to Mr. Rybjanský and his team for these gifts in the form of such wonderful beings that he created and materialized so that people can improve their lives.

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is our absolute bestseller! It's an ideal choice for virtually any place that needs to harmonize its space and at the same time it also structures water.

Somavedic Gold

Somavedic Gold is a unique, premium model from the Somavedic product line. Each Somavedic Gold is custom made for the individual customer, plated with 24-carat gold and certified.