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Marvin and Nicole
Air-purifying Medic Green Ultra

So I just like how it works. There are different gemstones / crystals that are specially arranged and their dormant power is activated by light (LEDs). And I also find that gemstones begin to radiate their dormant magic just through the action of light :) <3.
Without reading anything about it, I simply plugged it into the socket. With continuous operation, it costs around 25 cents a month for electricity costs! I immediately noticed: Powerful energy! We both felt a strong warmth and I just somehow felt a powerful energy when sensing it with my hand.
The atmosphere immediately became very, very fresh as if you were in nature, the air felt so incredibly pure, even purer than in nature! For the first time in my life I was able to breathe properly inside a building. Before this, everything I inhale feels so dirty and disharmonious. And that's exactly what it's supposed to do. Clean the atmosphere of electrosmog or harmonize it. It worked in the whole apartment (up to 30 meters in all directions, spherical, through walls, ceilings, etc.).

You feel like you have been lifted into the air. If we turn it off, you feel as if you are sinking back into the ground again -  sinking into the heavy feeling that you get all day because of all the electrosmog. I can switch the device off in one room and based on Nicole's loud reactions from the next room, I know immediately that she can feel it right away as to when I switch the device off. The effect is so clearly sensed. Within the first few minutes of plugging the device in, I burst into euphoria! Then I read the manual and it also says that euphoria can be a side effect. And that people who have already meditated a lot feel an effect almost immediately, others may after a few hours.

It was taken from us ... Because the earth is hollowed out below us. So far I've only lived in mining regions where there were only shafts below us and no longer these masses of mighty stone, semi-precious stone, precious stone, crystals ... They are very important for the health of the planet and the beings living on it! Just as the trees purify and enrich the air, these stones purify / harmonize the electromagnetic part of the atmosphere. Man does not even know what he is doing to himself through this overexploitation of nature, not only the destruction of the forests, but also the habitats of the stones, they are also beings :)

Then I slept a little and the stones or beings in the stones communicated with me. They said something - unfortunately I can't even begin to know the exact wording - something about grounding and the essence of the earth element.  The Earth element is matter, i.e. not just energy that is activated once during an exercise and then passes again, but energy that is pressed into a structure and order through focus and concentration and thus carried into the world of the physical. Structure, focus, concentration belong to the earth element. And that makes sense. Crystals in particular, the masters of the earth element, have this crystalline-ordered structure and are also very concentrated in their matter :)

Their message immediately felt like that of a Master without a doubt! I understood immediately and was very enthusiastic!  Because I always felt that way and now got the confirmation!  And I have to thank you very much, because I've always had a very strong resistance to the earth element.  I always used to associate it with people who scold you: "You are so ungrounded and only dreaming! You have to get down to the facts!" But these people only think they are so grounded. You work in the earth realm, but not really with it, but against it. Like miners or farmers spraying pesticides.

I love the earth element and I also want to be massive and concentrated, strong and calm, dormant forces and activated by light. I love the heavy, slow, resolving, powerful, as well as the fast, energetic, as well as the flowing, adapting and also the airy-light. > Earth, fire, water, air.

Oh yes, almost forgot!  Suddenly I had so much energy that although I wasn't there for weeks, I spontaneously put in my best performance in the bench press without a warm-up program and with little effort! 

Edit: Of course you want to know what it's called.  I share this review because I think the device is truly ingenious!  It is Somavedic!

Marvin and Nicole, Belin

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is our absolute bestseller! It's an ideal choice for virtually any place that needs to harmonize its space and at the same time it structures the water.