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Michaela Malcherová
Medic Green Ultra Has Brought Me Inner Peace

I've had the Somavedic for about three quarters of a year. I got it at a time when I often suffered from anxiety, couldn't switch off and slept badly. I was only recently living in a new, tiny, prefabricated apartment, which I didn't feel comfortable in. And every time I switched on the phone, I had at least six additional WiFi connections that led through my apartment.
Although I didn't really believe in the Somavedic because I'm not the type who can sense energy, I have to admit that after a while I felt inner relief. I no longer have feelings of fear, I sleep well and my apartment has become a place of inner peace and spiritual well-being.
I only keep the Medic Green Ultra in my apartment, I don't take it anywhere. At work or when visiting relatives, where there is tension and restlessness, it often happens to me that I can no longer wait to be home in my oasis of calm again. And I learned something else. In the beginning my relations with the neighbors weren't exactly good. But since I got the Medic Green Ultra, it seems to me that the people around me are much nicer :-)

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

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