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Miculkovi Family
Medic Green Ultra Clears Power Lines EMF

Since we have a high-voltage line near our house (approx. 10 m) and a consulting room for holistic medicine in the basement, Mr. Rybjanský recommended the uranium model to us.
After switching it on, I felt a change almost immediately - the atmosphere became, so to speak, thinner, it was no longer so "dense", and I felt a relief. The omnipresent pressure, which one no longer learns to perceive, although it is constantly stimulating in the subconscious (if one has the energy to do so) or exhausted (if the energy is still there), became noticeably less. My husband is not that sensitive to these things, but he too said after two days that he felt more calm and was in a better mood.
I had also felt the signs of getting used to - we slept less, woke up prematurely rested at night, and even the leg injury I had suffered years ago came back, which I could not stand on for several hours. But I was aware that this was part of the cell memory cleansing process, so it didn't bother me.
Uranium has now been with us for 2 months. Sleep has improved overall, we no longer wake up at night (I used to have to go to the toilet often at night - this has stopped). This is most noticeable with my little daughter (she doesn't roll over, doesn't "wander" in bed, doesn't wake up as often - she is one and a half years old, so she calls me over from time to time) and with our grandma, who lives on the ground floor and sleeps 6-8 hours in one go, which has not happened to her in 40 years.
I'm calmer myself, I'm in a stable mood, I'm not as nervous for no reason as I used to be. Simply put, I feel better, have more energy and love for life. Grandma also reports improvements in terms of the whistling in the ears, which has plagued her very much. We also treat water with the uranium device - the taste of the drinks is much better, compared to tap water, the treated water is incomparably more pleasant and cleaner. And our dogs have also become calmer.
The effect is best seen on animals and children, and this is where the Somavedic's power is most evident. Adults can talk themselves into many things, but children and animals do not play games or pretend anything. 
The uranium model was also bought by my parents, who moved out of town to the edge of the village 10 years ago, where they bought a good. My father is very sensitive to electrosmog and all of our civilization diseases, so he moved as far away from civilization as possible. They have had a Somavedic device for 2 months, and both mother and father feel a great sense of calm and a much better mood and desire to create and mend them. It is like the device is taking off an apathy lid from the human. And about the animals - our small herd of horses that we have in the estate began to regularly stay as close as possible to the estate - the Somavedic. The parents own pastures of several hectares and the horses often never returned to the estate. Now we have her there several times a day.
I am very satisfied and I can recommend the device to anyone, regardless of whether they have any complaints or not. It is ideal to equip places with large numbers of people or animals, and also every household, with this device. I would like to thank the author of this invention very much for sharing it with the world.
Tereza and Daniel Mičulkovi

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is our absolute bestseller! It's an ideal choice for virtually any place that needs to harmonize its space and at the same time it structures the water.