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Mr. and Mrs. Dagmar
Energetic Cleansing with Medic (now upgraded to Sky)

When I switched on the Somavedic Medic for the first time, within 5 minutes I felt a pleasant warmth that permeated my entire body. Day after day the feeling of warmth, tremors, and tingling inside became stronger and stronger. I was able to work better with my clients. After that, the parts of the body that we had to treat in the past became noticeable and we were able to observe this with my husband both, especially muscles and joints. Everything, and I don't mean just on the physical level, what we have dealt with in the past, began to be energetically cleansed and released from the biofield. This was particularly noticeable through more frequent toilet visits. What surprised me most was that the medic can also cleanse the subconscious. All of my corpses in the basement have been dissolved
And then it came! Euphoria, a huge surge of energy. I noticed an improvement in the area of ​​intuition, I was able to use my potential better, I did not feel tired as it was before. My friends also noticed that I was radiant with energy, I lost 5kg, they noticed these changes in me and wanted a recipe for how I did it. The negative energies that I had in my bio field dissolved and I felt my legs tingle and everything leaving the body through my feet.
I also noticed an improvement in relationships, clients started to value my work better financially, I started getting high quality gifts as if it would activate the flow of wealth. Everyone met me in various activities, and all of a sudden I only met people who were in a positive mood. I also got feedback from my customers to whom I recommended this gem. Women who could not become pregnant became pregnant within 2 months, one within 2 months and the other within 5 months. A customer who could not sell his property set up the device in the property and immediately found a prospect and made a successful sale. Those who did not have a job found a job in a short time. My mother's high blood pressure was fine again and she no longer needs to take any medication. My husband got rid of his knee pain without having to take any nutritional supplements for the musculoskeletal system, he feels fine, his body is in top shape. He had back problems regularly, at least twice a year - these have disappeared, everything works as it should. A friend's rash disappeared after 15 years.
My 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier started to behave like a puppy, he is radiant with energy, wants to play all the time, he is no longer a sleepy grandpa. Since then I haven't felt any ghosts in my home either, the medic removes various entities and unwanted subtle "visitors". It has a positive effect on a physical, psychological and energetic level. I feel that it is not a coincidence because it is sure because of the gemstones that have penetrated our bodies, furniture, house, garden and form a strong protective shield that helps us in these demanding, hectic times.
I thought that I was always relaxed, but that was a mistake - the whole time I was under pressure inside, in tension, but only now I could compare these feelings. It's such a huge relief. I can only warmly recommend the device to anyone who is in a vicious circle and cannot get out. It's a great helper - of course, you can't lie, cheat, steal, you have to work on yourself and on the causes, but all of this together creates an incredible effect. Since then I have met interesting people. The medic has far exceeded my expectations and won't let him come up against it. I am totally enthusiastic about its scope. He is a miracle and I am very grateful that we have him at home. Mr. Rybjanský has my admiration, and with this I would like to thank him, because he created a unique energy emitter and I am honestly grateful for him. After 28 years I finally found an effective protection against all negative and evil, I found Medic - Bingo!

Somavedic Sky

Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path. It promotes greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep.