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Paracelsus Magazine
Improved Health and Mood with Amber in the Office

In Paracelsus Magazine 6/19, Somavedic presented its products for harmonizing space, body and water. Somavedic is the synergy of controlled energy release with the purest precious and semi-precious stones as well as the rarest and most precious metals on earth. Knowledge and experience from 15 years of research and development in the fields of quantum physics, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy and frequency theory are integrated. Not only our readership was very interested, the editorial team also found the idea of ​​testing such a harmonizer exciting. 
After a few nice phone calls with the manufacturer, we received a device for free use: the Somavedic Amber. It should be able to cope with any space pollution, especially strong electrosmog. 3G, 4G, 5G, EMF, GPZ, viruses, bacteria, fungi, free radicals - all unpleasant disruptive factors for human health. It is also used for high-quality water harmonization. Golden and beautifully shaped, it attracted everyone's attention. 
We placed it in our office and received the information to leave it on continuously so that it could reach its full potential. It needs four weeks to do this. We started the field test in a positive mood. We have a lot of electricity in our office, some colleagues often suffer from headaches and migraines, other colleagues get tired in the early afternoon and struggle through the rest of the long working day. We journalists have a lot of stress from the ground up, work on three specialist magazines is always tied to deadlines and the final editorial weeks are hectic because everything has to be ready on time. The best possible working environment is therefore of crucial importance. 
The first working week passed without any special incidents. The device worked just like us. The second week went really well, all colleagues (male / female) were surprisingly fit and in a good mood despite intensive final editing. In week three Anna said, surprised, that she no longer had a headache. Could it be related to the Amber? Rainer, who usually needs a few cups of coffee after lunch, completely refrained from using it; he said he didn't need it because he felt good and dynamic. We drank harmonized water for the tenth day, and that was also good for everyone. My water consumption increased by 400 ml from 1.5 to 1.9 liters per day. In the fourth week we had a few meetings with authors and business partners in our office at the end of the year. These meetings traditionally take place once a year. Some of the partners have been coming to our office for many years and are familiar with the situation. Some of the guests asked what we had changed, they would feel more comfortable here than ever before. There is an unbelievably good climate in the office. We showed them the Somavedic device and they were amazed. 
After a four-week test phase, we state: We at the editorial team are convinced of the positive effects of Amber. It has found its permanent place in our office and gives us a pleasant working atmosphere. Monica's coughing has become significantly less frequent, and Nadja, who otherwise regularly catches colds, is amazed at how free her sinuses have been for weeks. Apart from the really good mood we have, we have the feeling that the device gives us health. We can therefore recommend the Somavedic Amber with a clear conscience. For the private household as well as for the naturopathic practice or other professional areas, the device is not only visually beautiful to look at, but also a special kind of health-keeper and health-maker that we no longer want to be without. 

Somavedic Amber

Somavedic Amber is our strongest model, 4x stronger than our bestseller, Medic Green Ultra. If you want the ultimate EMF/5G effects mitigation, Amber is the solution.