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Increased Energy with Medic (now upgraded to Sky)

It all started when my mom's health suddenly deteriorated a lot and I was looking for a way to find relief for both her and myself. The demanding and long care of my mother brought me to the limits of my strength. And it was at that time that I came across this website. There have already been tons of offers on various harmonization tools and devices, but after visiting this website I just KNEW that this was the right one! 😊 Later it turned out that my inner voice was right. I immediately got in touch with Mr. Rybjanský, who recommended the device called Somatex Lumen for my mother in view of her serious illness. The cheapest model in the range. This already told me that this is not about "making money", but that it is humanity and helpfulness behind it. Further telephone contact with Mr. Rybjanský only confirmed this.
After I switched on the Lumen device, I immediately noticed an influx of energy, as if I had poured two energy drinks into myself one after the other! 😊 The mother only felt an influx of energy after a few days. For three days the energy flow was so strong that it really surprised me. I soon noticed that there was a strange calm and peaceful atmosphere in our household. I felt like I was in an oasis and noticed that my mother had calmed down too.
However, a few years later, after my mother's death, the board of directors of our shared apartment decided to rent the roof of the house to a cell phone provider, and a cell phone transmitter appeared on our roof. At that time I had no idea of ​​its negative effects on health, and so I was surprised that, despite the Lumen device in my apartment, I was again suffering from increasingly frequent tiredness. During this time, however, I came across articles and videos explaining the problem with this type of transmitter and I found the connections. I contacted Mr. Rybjanský again and he offered me the more powerful Somavedic Medic device. I thought that the improvement in my tiredness would only come after a longer period of use of this device, but the radical change came immediately after switching it on. And since that time everything has been fine again. I gave the Lumen device to my daughter, who also suffered from great fatigue during the time in Prague - she probably got this hypersensitivity to electrosmog from me. She also got up very quickly since then, although her attitude towards the device was very skeptical and suspicious at the beginning. Even the health of her friend's chronically ill dog has gradually improved thanks to the Lumen device.
Some time ago, my generous friend gave me another helper from the Somavedic range, namely the Atlantik model, which gives water back its natural structure. Suddenly I had water at home like from a forest spring and my dogs also prefer it to untreated water. In conclusion, I have no choice but to thank you for these very useful helpers who have brought so many good things into life for me and my friends.

Somavedic Sky

Somavedic Sky can be of great help on your life path. It promotes greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep.