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Sibylle Gabriel
EHS Reduced with Amber

Since the beginning of mobile communications, I have been severely impaired in my life because of my electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). It got particularly bad when the wifi routers came. I was a teacher and worked at the university with an additional course of study and, as is well known, they put a lot of antennas in schools, universities, libraries, old people's homes and hospitals. In order to be able to continue working, I looked for a way to protect myself very early on. In the course of time I had a whole collection of "protectors", but they offered no help! [...] As I got worse and worse, I had to quit my job and give up my further studies. I moved 5 times, new antennas kept popping up and I had to move away again. Then I found and bought a small house in the forest. I recovered in my hideaway, but every now and then I have to get out of my forest. So last autumn I had to drive over the motorway in Italy to Switzerland [...], but unfortunately while driving under the new radar of the motorway, I heated up as if I had a temperature of 40 degrees. When I got to my friends, I immediately started looking for better protection and finally came across the Somavedic website. I watched all the videos and used my last dollar to order my Somavedic Amber. I immediately noticed that this device was making a difference. 3 days later a technician came who had forgotten something and was amazed to see that I looked much better. For the first time in years I dared to go to an inn that offered free wifi. I was able to work on the computer for three hours and then eat out. On the way back to my forest, I was able to unintentionally test my Somavedic Amber because it failed when my power bank was empty. I was listening to a fascinating lecture by Prof. Marc Henry when I suddenly felt uncomfortable and felt warm. At the next opportunity I stopped, checked, and found the device was off. Of course we are all different and other people may have good experiences with other devices. In any case, Somavedic is really helpful for me and also so beautiful to look at. Finally, I would like to mention that, thanks to Somavedic Amber, I can now be exposed to EMFs for much longer before I notice anything. My sensitivity is reduced, this was also discovered by a doctor. I am very grateful to the inventor Ivan Rybjanský. This device is a great gift for people, animals and plants today.

Somavedic Amber

Somavedic Amber is our strongest model, 4x stronger than our bestseller, Medic Green Ultra. If you want the ultimate EMF/5G effects mitigation, Amber is the solution.