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Crystal Pyramid

Recommended as an add-on to the Somavedic devices, Crystal Pyramid works synergistically with Somavedic to enhance its energy and frequencies.  

For best results, simply place the Somavedic Crystal Pyramid on top of a Somavedic device.   A special hologram inside the Crystal Pyramid reproduces the frequencies of precious and semi-precious crystals emitted by the Somavedic, thus amplifying the Somavedic effects.

On its own, Somavedic Pyramid creates a unique stable energy force field that has positive effects on all vital functions.  

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Energy Frequency Amplifying Crystal Pyramid

Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions : 3.9" x 3.9" x (H) 4.0"
  • Body: crystal glass with a 3D hologram of Somavedic inside the pyramid

Frequently Asked Questions

What research is available on the energy amplifying capabilities of pyramids?
Scientists have discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza can collect and concentrate electromagnetic energy in its chambers and at its base. Scientists predicted that under resonance conditions, the pyramid can concentrate electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers and under the base. The study was published in the Journal of Applied Physics.

Link to study