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Made of crystal with a Somavedic hologram embedded within, this Portable keychain absorbs the energy of the Somavedic device it is charged with to offer you energetic protection and support when outside your home.


Personal EMF protection; to be charged with one of these Somavedics: Harmony, Sky, Ruby, Cobalt, Vedic, Amber, Gold.


Creates coherent energy field: 1 m / 3 ft around the body (after being charged with a Somavedic device); 50 cm / 20 in otherwise.


4-5 hours


Practical, Portable, Personal Protection!

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Product Specifications

  • Body: Hand-cut, brushed and sandblasted crystal glass with embedded Somavedic hologram
  • Product Diameter: 1"
  • Stays Charged for: 4-5 hours
  • Creates coherent energy field:
    • On its own (without being charged with a Somavedic device): 50 cm / 20 in around the body
    • Once charged with a Somavedic device: 1 m / 3 ft around the body

Frequently Asked Questions

EMF Risks outside your Home
What are some examples of high EMF radiation zones in the community?
Outside the home, these are some of the highest sources of EMF radiation that we may be exposed to:
  • WiFi in the workplace, clinics, shopping malls, schools, hospitals. WiFi will increasingly become ubiquitous
  • Cell Phone Antennas and Cell Towers
    • Every time you enter a bank, your doctor’s or dentist’s clinic, or any commercial building, just look up and check at the top of the building. Do you see any?
    • When you go to eat in a restaurant or a commercial plaza, do you see a cell tower nearby?
  • When visiting with friends or relatives who live in multi-dwelling condominium or apartment buildings, this problem is compounded as you are exposed to the WiFi emanating from neighbors’ WiFi units. And you simply have no control.
Why is school WiFi more dangerous than home WiFi?
Dr. Magda Havas, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Trent University, and expert on EMF, explains:

Firstly, school WiFi’s base station is more powerful. Then there are more access points and users. It is always on. Students sitting next to their classmates are additionally exposed to nearby classmates’ laptop and/or tablet EMF radiation.

The Hotspots are: Near the base station and near the computer or laptop connected to the base station.

Symptoms of sensitivity to EMFs include:

  • Heart palpitations, heart pounding
  • Tachycardia (rapid and irregular heart beat)
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches, dizziness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Numbness, tingling, cold extremities
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blurred vision
To safeguard your children from the harmful effects of EMFs from WiFi in schools, do consider protection from Somavedic Tiny.
Usage and Placement
How do I choose between Tiny, Portable and Pendant?
Tiny stays charged for up to 8 hours, whilst Portable and Pendant stay charged for 4-5 hours.
How can I maximize Portable's protective support?
For best results, place Portable next to or on top of a Somavedic device to charge overnight. Before leaving home, put Portable into your pocket, purse or school backpack. Portable will stay charged for 4-5 hours, offering you the protective energies of the Somavedic device that it was charged with.
Does Portable offer any EMF protection on its own?
Without being charged with a Somavedic device, Pendant provides protection at 45% efficacy.
How long should a Portable be charged for and how often?
We recommend 8 hours nightly.
How long does Portable stay charged for?
4-5 hours per overnight charge.
What is the effective protection field created by Portable?
Without being charged with a Somavedic device, Portable creates a 50 cm (~20 in) protective field around your body. Once charged with a Somavedic device, the protective field extends to 1 m (~3 ft) from your body.
Where is the best place to keep Portable for maximum protection?
Best to be put in your pocket. Inventor Ivan Rybansky recommends that it’s best to keep it in your right pocket the entire day. For women, you can also keep it in your purse as long as the purse is next to you the entire day.
Impact and Effectiveness
What benefits and improvements may I look forward to?

Aura harmonization (100%) and chakras activation (20%)

Elimination of geopathic zones effects (50%)

Elimination of electrosmog (75%)

Elimination of negative energy from people: 100%

Elimination of psychosomatic energies in the environment: 85%

Development of extraordinary abilities: 10%

Deepening meditation: 11%

Improvement in concentration: 10%

Improvement in overall physical health condition: 20%

*Data was measured and provided by healer Jan Betko

I don't feel any changes, am I still protected from EMFs?
Everyone perceives vibrations individually. Even if you don't feel it, your body is protected against EMF radiation and geopathic stress at the cellular level. The Somavedic device protects you as long as they are used per guidance offer.
Care and Maintenance
How do I clean Portable?
Pendant can be wiped with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth, but this should just be pure water (no cleaning sprays).
How long can I expect Portable to be effective for?
As long as Portable stays intact, and can be charged with a Somavedic, it can keep indefinitely.
Will the area of protection decrease over time?