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With an interior entirely lined with precious silver, Sky lights up beautifully with subtle pastel colours while offering strong 5G / EMF mitigation, protecting from oxidative stress at the cellular level.


3G | 4G | 5G | EMFs | Free Radicals | Geopathic Stress


Urban Family Homes | Condominium and Apartment Units | Offices | Small Wellness Centres | Yoga Studios


Creates coherent energy field covering 2800+ square feet, radius of 100 ft (30 m) across all directions


A beauty to behold, yet strong in its protective energy and influence! Exerts an energizing yet calming effect.

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EMF Protection. Beautiful. Precious.


    As the rate and pace of technology accelerates, Sky allows us to enjoy the conveniences of modern technology without sacrificing our health.

    With prolonged use, Sky promotes greater calm, balance, harmony, better concentration, more intense body regeneration and better sleep.

    How Somavedic Works

    So happy with this purchase. Immediately it seemed as if thinking became more clear for us all and we definitely have more energy.

    Marissa S.

    After working in the office, I often felt tired and drained. Since we have had the Somavedic, I have been full of strength and energy - like I haven’t been for years! Worth every penny!

    Christa B.

    After 4 weeks, my “brain fog” noticeably improved! Random shooting pains were reduced by 40%. Palpitations are now rare. By the 8th week, my sleep pattern became more regular and digestion issues resolved. Hot flashes from menopause have almost vanished (once every few weeks instead of several everyday). By the 3rd month, I have much more energy! I highly recommend this!

    Joanne Hunt

    My husband is sleeping a little better and both of us just feel a little lighter and happier. It's so strange to write that, but it's true. - Sharon M.

    It took me a long time to finally pull the trigger and make the investment into a Somavedic device. I'm sure I'm not alone in having doubts or hesitations. But wow was I pleasantly surprised!! We bought the Sky and it is shockingly beautiful - the colors are stunning when it's lit up and though this is not at all it's purpose, it's become an amazing night light.

    Aesthetics aside, we felt improvements almost immediately after setting up our Sky. My husband is sleeping a little better and both of us just feel a little lighter and happier. It's so strange to write that, but it's true. On top of that, we got a surprise mini device that you can charge by placing it on your main device at home and then take with you to work in your pocket or bag! I even caught my husband (who is BEYOND skeptical about stuff like this) looking for his mini Sky one day after I had moved it because he didn't want to go to work without it!

    Overall, I can't recommend this highly enough...

    Sharon M.

    • Product Dimensions : 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches; 3.1 Pounds
    • Body: Hand-blown crystal glass (interior lined with silver)
    • Creates coherent energy field covering 2800+ square feet, radius of 100 ft (30 m) across all directions
    • Includes: USB cable with a worldwide adapter

  • Independent clinical tests certify the positive and protective effects of Somavedic Sky, the next generation of Somavedic Medic.

    Certified to Protect against EMF and Geopathic Stress

    After independent biophysical testing, the IGEF has certified that Somavedic Sky is suitable as a protective device when exposed to high frequency electromagnetic radiation, electrosmog and geopathic zones.

    Restores Blood Cells to Healthy States

    Within 90 minutes of being in the presence of Somavedic Medic (predecessor model to Sky), 100% of test patients’ blood showed significant improvement of sedimentation; in other words, red blood cells became more normal, less clumping, less glued together.

    Order of Magnitude Increase in Negative Ions

    Researchers looked at 100 years of studies and found evidence that negative ions could:

    • help regulate sleep patterns and mood

    • reduce stress

    • boost immune system function

    • increase metabolism of carbs and fats

    • kill or inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold species, such as E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and the bacterium that causes tuberculosis

    In modern day buildings, negative ion concentration is on average much lower than is healthy, at 150/cm3. In contrast, in outdoor alpine areas, negative ion concentration is around 1000/cm3. .

    To your left, please find a negative ion concentration measurement of 5010/cm3 next to a Somavedic device. This represents an order of magnitude increase of health-enhancing negative ions comparable to being outdoors in nature!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Somavedic works
How does Somavedic work?
Somavedic technology is the result of over 15 years of Research and Development in the fields of quantum physics, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy and frequency theory.

Somavedic operates on the principle of the controlled release of energy from crystals - precious and semi-precious stones are arranged in a precisely defined configuration that forms the Somavedic core.

This proprietary configuration of healing crystals as well as precious metals creates a mutual multiplier effect to directly neutralize disturbances in the environment (EMFs, electrosmog, geopathic disturbances, etc.) and clear energetic blockages.

Scientifically proven and certified, Somavedic devices help eliminate the maximum amount of the toxic load that weakens the living being. By clearing these energetic blockages, it supports the natural healing and regeneration of human beings.
How do crystals in Somavedic neutralize EMF?
Somavedic crystals do not block EMFs. They can, however, neutralize the effects of EMF radiation on our cells at the subtle energy level.

They help our physical and subtle energy bodies cope with the negative effects of EMFs. By supporting our immune system, Somavedic crystals protect human organs from the harmful effects of EMFs and bring our energies back into balance.
Usage and Placement
Where is the best location for my Somavedic Sky?
The best place is in the middle of the apartment, not far from the Wi-Fi router. In a family house, the best spot is on the first floor. Sometimes the device “tells” us itself or we intuitively feel where the ideal place for Somavedic is. It is not recommended to place the stronger models (Vedic or Amber) in the bedroom.
Should the Somavedic device always be switched on?
In order to be able to use its effects in the highest possible way, the device should always be switched on. The electricity consumption is minimal - 1 kWh per month is not exceeded.

If it is not switched on, the Somavedic device still offers protection at 60% efficiency without electricity.
Impact and Effectiveness
Will my WiFi and smartphone continue to work while using the Somavedic devices?
Yes they will. The EMFs in our environment continue to be present and measurable even when Somavedic devices are switched on.

Somavedic neutralizes the harmful EMF radiation, thus protecting our body at the cellular level.
Why do my EMF meter readings not change when testing near my Somavedic unit?
This is because Somavedic units do not block the EMFs. Your wireless devices and other EMF-emitting devices continue to operate without interference. As an EMF Harmonizer, Somavedic neutralizes the negative and harmful effects of EMFs.
How then can I measure the effectiveness of Somavedic?
There are at least three ways to measure the positive effect Somavedic has on the body: bioresonance tests, urine tests, and blood tests.

The electromagnetic load or the oxidative status of the body can be tested with bioresonance devices. The effect of Somavedic has been documented and proven through countless practical experience with many bioresonance centers, alternative practitioners, but also through the experience of doctors and medical institutions.

The effect of Somavedic devices can be measured with the free radical test. Somavedic products have the ability to neutralize free radicals , which are responsible for the harmful oxidation processes in our body . Therefore, measure your oxidative status before and after using Somavedic products and convince yourself of their positive effect.

Furthermore, the redox status (oxidative stress) of the body can be determined by blood tests in the laboratory before and after the use of Somavedic devices.
Can Somavedic protect against the effects of 5G?
5G generates the same harmful electromagnetic radiation that creates free radicals as its predecessors 3G or LTE (4G), but to a much higher extent and intensity. Compared to its predecessor, 5G is significantly faster, which means that the radiation is much more intense; the antenna network is denser; the number of end devices is increasing exponentially.

Somavedic Sky, Vedic, Amber and Gold models are 5G-capable. They are already equipped and programmed in such a way to counteract 5G’s high level of harmful electromagnetic radiation and protect the human organism.
What improvements can I expect?
The Somavedic effect is individual and depends on several factors. The initial experience after switching on Somavedic depends on the sensitivity and perception of each individual. Most users don't feel any change at first, but sensitive people can feel the difference almost immediately.

So far, we have only seen positive effects from Somavedic. The only difference is how long it takes - some see the positive changes sooner, others later.
When does detoxification kick in?
Let us walk through a high level view of what happens after you switch on your Somavedic.

Within first few hours

First of all, the geopathic zones are eliminated. This takes place within the first 3 hours of turning your Somavedic on.

Most people don't feel any noticeable changes at first. However, more sensitive people can feel the first effects immediately. These effects are of two types. In the first case, you may feel a change in the feeling of the atmosphere around you (as if the air was suddenly clear), deeper relaxation, sometimes even euphoria.

Conversely, other people can experience "adaptation problems" that cause different unpleasant feelings. *

It's a normal reaction that is completely harmless. This condition is always temporary and usually disappears after a few hours, at the latest after a few days.

These adaptation problems are caused by the fact that Somavedic affects blockages in our body. Somavedic gradually breaks down these blockages in our body. The negative sensations weaken and finally disappear.

* The reaction principle is comparable to other forms of purification, which can lead to similar, often much stronger, mostly physical reactions. Somavedic also detoxifies the body. In contrast to most detoxification methods, Somavedic is a very gentle and non-violent method with a lasting effect.

After 3-5 Days

Sleep changes in people who have insomnia. It gets deeper. Many users who have had long-term sleep disorders have stated that their sleep behavior normalized after just a few days with Somavedic and that they were able to get up rested in the morning.

After 3-6 weeks

Within 3-6 weeks, the geopathic load on the body as well as all materials that were under the influence of the geopathic zones are eliminated.

After 1-3 months

The negative impact of EMFs and environmental pollution should be significantly reduced within 1-3 months (depending on diet, lifestyle and other circumstances). There is also an improvement in metabolic functions and a visible increase in life energy.

After 3-6 months

After 3 - 6 months, most users who have not had any serious health problems should have their energetic field cleaned by Somavedic. If health complaints persist, it is usually only a lessening physical impact. All users feel a lot more life energy at this time.

After 6-12 months

After 6-12 months, users with more serious health problems find their conditions improve. The body is detoxified, even in those who are under stress.

These effects have been verified many times by therapists and doctors working with bioresonance devices.

Note: SOMAVEDIC is not a substitute for consulting your medical doctor.
I don't feel any changes, am I still protected against 5G and EMF?
Everyone perceives vibrations individually. Even if you don't feel it, your body is protected against EMF radiation and geopathic stress at the cellular level. The Somavedic device protects you as long as it is in your vicinity. This has been proven through years of practice in bioresonance therapy, but also through certificates of Somavedic devices from well-known institutes as shared above.
Care and Maintenance
How do I clean my device?
Somavedic devices can be dusted with a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth, but this should just be pure water (no cleaning sprays).
How long can I expect each Somavedic unit to be effective for?
The Somavedic devices are designed for an expected service life of 7-10 years, and 100% guaranteed to be functional and effective for 5 years.
Do I need to recharge my Somavedic?
No. By being connected to the power grid, the crystals within the Somavedic device are constantly connected to the earth, i.e. to their original natural environment, and the cleaning and energetic "charging" takes place automatically and continuously.
Will the area of protection decrease over time?
No. The area of protection is expected to last for the entire lifespan of each unit.