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Q-Cup Max Hydrogen Water Bottle

Transform any drinking water into hydrogen-rich water within minutes anywhere, anytime! The Q-Cup Max is one of the most elegant, powerful & portable hydrogen water generators out there. Q-Cup Max uses the finest 9 layer SPE/PEM dual-chamber technology to obtain one of the highest H2 concentrations (up to 5000 ppb) in the market. 

Japanese researchers have long believed H2 Molecular Hydrogen to be the secret to health and longevity. It is the smallest and lightest antioxidant in the universe and able to penetrate our cell membranes easily to rejuvenate and repair our damaged cells. Elevate your energy and boost your immune system throughout the day. 


Anti-Aging | Athletic Performance | Brain Health | Heart Health | Joint Comfort | Mitochondrial Health | Mood | Overall Wellness


The Q-Cup Max helps boost my energy and speed up my recovery time from a strenuous workout. I love that it is so simple to use and takes only 5 minutes to generate antioxidant-rich water with a single press of a button.

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Super-Hydrating. Energizing. Immune-Boosting.

  • Q-Cup Max Hydrogen Concentration Test

    Anti-Inflammatory. Anti-Allergy. Anti-Aging.

    As the smallest molecule in the universe, hydrogen is the most powerful, bioavailable antioxidant known today. It easily penetrates every cell and tissue to deeply hydrate and repair. It selectively reduces harmful free radicals, making it one of the safest antioxidants with no risk of overdose.

    Easy. Effective. State-of-the-Art.

    High Levels of Molecular Hydrogen Within Minutes

    The Q-Cup Max can generate up to 3000ppb (3.0 ppm) of molecular hydrogen nanobubbles in one cycle. Better yet, this is all accomplished within 5 minutes. With an additional cycle, the hydrogen levels can be increased to 4000-5000 ppb (4.0-5.0 ppm).

    Platinum Coated Titanium Electrodes

    Our platinum coated titanium plates technology ensures durability, safety, and better conductivity when taking hydrogen water. This will make sure that the water you drink is safe and will produce high quality hydrogen water for years.

    State-of-the-Art SPE/PEM Technology for Clean and Safe Hydrogen Water

    Using advanced Solid Polymer Electrolyte (SPE) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology, the infusion of pure H2 delivers a high-concentration hydrogen with the removal of ozone and chlorine gases. 

    9 Layers SPE/PEM Dual Chamber Membrane Electrode Design

    The 9 layers dual chamber SPE membrane is one of the critical technologies which makes the Q-Cup Max one of the most powerful portable H2 units. With each cycle you can create super high concentrations of hydrogen nanobubbles.

    High Pressure Lid and Flask Design

    The newly designed high pressure lid and flask was specifically designed to withstand up to 6kg/cm2. This pressure resistance is important not only for creating high levels of quality molecular hydrogen but also to help store the hydrogen 4X longer than other hydrogen bottles in the market.

    Dual Use Design to Make Life Easier

    With a dual use design, the Q-Cup Max can be used with most standard water bottles found in the store. Enjoy hydrogen-rich water anywhere you go.

    Super Fast USB Type C Charging

    The USB Type C Quick Charging system fully charges the Q-Cup Max in just 1.5 hours. On a full charge you can run 15 cycles of high concentration hydrogen water.

    Unboxing Q-Cup Max

  • Model: WPI-8003
    Volume: 8 oz / 240 ml
    Weight: 0.7 lbs / 310g
    Dimensions: Diameter Ø61 ± 1 mm Height 195 ± 2 mm


    Lid & Base: Food grade ABS
    Flask Body: Food grade PC / TRITAN – BPA Free


    Electrodes: Titanium + Platinum Coating
    Membrane: Platinum Coating SPE/PEM Ion Membrane

    Hydrogen Generation

    H2 Generation Time: 5 minutes
    Battery Life Per Use: Up to 15 times (depends on water quality)
    Hydrogen Concentration: Up to 3000 ppb (3.0 ppm) with a single H2 cycle.
    Additional Cycles can reach up to 5000 ppb (5.0 ppm).
    *Caution, remember to release pressure by opening the lid before generating hydrogen each consecutive time.

    ORP: -700 mV ~ -800 mV (Depends on Water Quality)

    Power Information

    Power Adapter: Input: Input: AC100~240V/50~60Hz Output: DC5V/1.2A
    Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery
    Battery Capacity: 7.4 V/ 750 mAh
    Charging Time: Type C USB – 1.5 Hours

  • To-date, there are over 1700 research studies and clinical trials on molecular hydrogen's effects on 170+ disease models. A sampling of the research findings on the benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich waterfollows. For the latest research, please visit Molecular Hydrogen Institute.
    Antioxidant Capacity
    Drinking hydrogen-rich water for 4 weeks positively affects serum antioxidant enzymes in healthy men. [Study]

    Hydrogen-rich water reduces inflammatory responses and prevents apoptosis of peripheral blood cells in healthy adults. [Study]
    Athletic Performance and Recovery
    Drinking hydrogen water enhances endurance and relieves psychometric fatigue as reported in this study. [Study]

    This study of female soccer players reported that long-term consumption of hydrogen-rich water not only exerts certain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects but also enhances the diversity and abundance of the gut flora of the subjects. [Study]

    Hydrogen-rich water suppresses the reduction in blood total antioxidant capacity induced by 3 consecutive days of severe exercise in physically active males. [Study]

    Adequate hydration with hydrogen-rich water pre-exercise reduced blood lactate levels and improved exercise-induced decline of muscle function among male soccer players. [Study]

    Two weeks of hydrogen-rich water intake may help to maintain Peak Power Output (PPO) in repetitive sprints to exhaustion over 30 minutes. [Study]

    Hydrogen-rich water might be an appropriate and safe hydration strategy that helps athletes to become less susceptible to exercise-induced acidosis. [Study]

    This study supports the hypothesis that the addition of hydrogen to traditional treatment protocols is potentially effective in the treatment of soft tissue injuries in male professional athletes. [Study]

    Hydrogen-rich water appears to be an appropriate strategy to positively affect post-exercise lactates in judo athletes. [Study]

    Hydrogen Rich Water Consumption Positively Affects Muscle Performance, Lactate Response, and Alleviates Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness After Resistance Training. [Study]

    The traditional treatment of soft tissue injuries consists of the RICE protocol - rest, ice, compression, and elevation, followed for up to 72 hours after a trauma. Although designed as an immediate therapy to reduce inflammation that occurs after an acute injury, the RICE protocol might not be the best way to promote healing due to limiting blood flow.
    This case report of an elite professional athlete has indicated that an acute multi-session hydrotherapy with hydrogen-rich water might be a helpful treatment in terms of pain, swelling reduction and regaining range of motion after an ankle sprain. [Case Report]
    Brain Health and Neurological Conditions
    In this animal study of mice, hydrogen-water may have a potential for suppressing dementia in an oxidative stress model. [Animal Study]

    Ad libitum administration of hydrogen water efficiently prevented a rat model of Parkinson’s disease. [Animal Study]

    This study of mice reported that continuous consumption of hydrogen water reduces oxidative stress in the brain, and prevents the stress-induced decline in learning and memory caused by chronic physical restraint. [Animal Study]

    Hydrogen water has a protective effect against neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), which may represent a new method in the treatment of this disease. [Study]

    Drinking hydrogen-water was safe and well tolerated, and a significant improvement in Total Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) scores for patients in the hydrogen-water group was demonstrated. [Study]

    The present study demonstrated that the combination regimen of Photobiomodulation and H2 water was safe for people with PD and could alleviate disease severity, particularly in the mood and cognitive domain. [Study]
    Cardiovascular Support
    Acute hydrogen-rich water ingestion stimulates cardiac autonomic activity in healthy females. [Study]

    Consumption of hydrogen water prevents atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E knockout mice. [Animal Study]

    Consumption of water containing over 3.5 mg of dissolved hydrogen could improve vascular endothelial function. [Study]

    Daily consumption of high H2 water improved the endothelial function of the arteries or arterioles. This study suggests that the continuous consumption of high H2 water contributes to improved cardiovascular health. [Study]

    Drinking hydrogen-rich water can improve vascular sclerosis indicators, improve dyslipidemia, reduce vascular oxidative stress and inflammation, and improve HDL function. [Study]
    Chemo and Radiation Side Effect Reduction
    Daily consumption of hydrogen-rich water is a potentially novel, therapeutic strategy for improving quality of life after radiation exposure. Consumption of hydrogen-rich water reduces the biological reaction to radiation-induced oxidative stress without compromising anti-tumor effects. [Study]

    Protective effect of hydrogen-rich water on liver function of colorectal cancer patients treated with mFOLFOX6 chemotherapy. [Study]
    Metabolic and Mitochondrial
    Supplementation of hydrogen-rich water improves lipid and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance. [Study]

    Consumption of hydrogen rich water generated via a magnesium stick demonstrated improvement in the levels of oxidative stress markers associated with metabolic syndrome and boosted the body’s antioxidant activity. [Study]

    Hydrogen-rich water decreases serum LDL-cholesterol levels and improves HDL function in patients with potential metabolic syndrome. [Study]

    H2 activates ATP-binding cassette transporter A1-dependent efflux, enhances HDL antiatherosclerotic functions, and has beneficial lipid-lowering effects. [Case Study].

    Hydrogen-enriched water improves mitochondrial dysfunction in mitochondrial myopathies (MM) and inflammatory processes in polymyositis/dermatomyositis (PM/DM). [Study]

    Orally administered H2 as a blend of hydrogen-generating minerals might be a beneficial agent in the management of body composition and insulin resistance in middle-aged overweight women. [Study]

    Hydrogen-rich water prepared by AC-electrolysis may be effective in improving diverse diabetes-related markers and systemic DNA oxidative injuries . [Study]
    Rheumatoid Arthritis
    Consumption of water containing a high concentration of molecular hydrogen reduces oxidative stress and disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. [Study]
    Skin Conditions
    Hydrogen-Rich Water Ameliorates Total Body Irradiation-Induced Hematopoietic Stem Cell Injury by Reducing Hydroxyl Radical on mice. [Animal Study]

    Hydrogen-Rich Water Intake Accelerates Oral Palatal Wound Healing via Activation of the Nrf2/Antioxidant Defense Pathways in a Rat Model. [Animal Study]

    Improvement of psoriasis-associated arthritis and skin lesions by treatment with molecular hydrogen. [Study]

    Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronically relapsing, pruritic, eczematous skin disorder accompanying allergic inflammation. In this study, hydrogen water has positive effects on AD in mice. [Animal Study]

    Hydrogen water intake via tube-feeding for patients with pressure ulcer and its reconstructive effects on normal human skin cells was demonstrated in this study. [Study]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Molecular Hydrogen?
What is the big deal with molecular hydrogen?
Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table, and it is the lightest molecule in the universe. Research over the years have established that molecular hydrogen is a very powerful antioxidant.

As the smallest antioxidant, hydrogen offers a distinct advantage. More than any other antioxidant, hydrogen readily diffuses into every organ and cell in the body which allows maximum availability for achieving antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy effects. The size feature allows for protection in the subcellular compartments and scavenge cytotoxic oxygen radicals, thus protecting the DNA, RNA and proteins from oxidative stress.

Additionally, hydrogen is selective. When molecular hydrogen enters the human body, it searches out dangerous free radicals and neutralizes them by giving them an extra electron they need. This then creates a by-product H2O, which is actually beneficial and needed by our bodies. In this way, hydrogen prevents imbalances which can occur with other antioxidants.
What are the health benefits of H2?
As the most powerful antioxidant there is, hydrogen offers many health benefits - from anti-aging to anti-cancer. Today, there are over 1000+ peer-reviewed research and studies on molecular hydrogen's effects on over 170 disease models. Please refer to the Research tab on this page for more resources.
How safe is H2? Is there any risk of overdose?
H2 is very safe and the risk of overdose is nil. Research demonstrates that there is an amount of H2 that is not enough but there is not an amount that appears to be too much or too high. This is due to the fact that our lungs will simply exhale the excess. H2 does not build up in our system. H2 for ingestion purposes, has an extremely high safety profile.
Hydrogen Intake Methods - Drinking
What are the H2 intake options currently available for consumers?
For at home use, the most widely available intake options today are: H2 gas dissolved in water for drinking, soaking or bathing and H2 inhalation.
What are the Pro’s and Con’s of each intake method?
All intake methods are very beneficial. Based on the latest research, we share which organs and systems benefit most for each intake method. Drinking H2 water benefits metabolic systems most. Inhaling H2 benefits respiratory system, circulatory and cardiovascular systems most. Soaking and Bathing obviously benefits the skin and hair the most.
What is the best intake method recommended by experts?
Experts recommend to use all intake methods in combination for the most benefits. Specifically, research has shown that the combination of drinking hydrogen water and inhaling hydrogen had the most potent effects on signaling pathways and gene expression compared to exclusive use of either method alone.
Q-Cup Max: How to Use
What type of water should I use with the Q-Cup Max?
You can use any type of still water, reverse osmosis (RO), tap water or filtered water. We recommend using pure RO or distilled water because the membrane will not be affected with calcium or mineral build up, which means less cleaning is required. 
 How much hydrogen water should I drink a day?
Since you cannot overdose on molecular hydrogen gas, you can drink as much as you want. We recommend at least 2-3 litres a day for better results.
Can I have too much hydrogen?
There have been no reported contraindications for the intake of molecular hydrogen. Its singular purpose is to meet and unite with molecules that are in need of hydrogen. The volume of H2 molecules we absorb has a direct relationship to its ability to find and convert molecules that may be a part of a destructive element in the body. Excess Molecular hydrogen may be excreted in breath and flatus or further metabolized by the intestinal flora.
Does the Q-Cup Max remove ozone and chlorine?
Yes, the Q-Cup Max uses the most advanced SPE/PEM membrane technology. There is a special gas vent on the bottom which will safely dispel any ozone and chlorine gas generated.
How much H2 concentration can the Q-Cup Max generate?
The Q-Cup Max can reach up to 3 ppm (3000 ppb) of highly concentrated molecular hydrogen with a single 5 minute cycle. You may also run two cycles in a row to reach even higher H2 concentration. However, do not run more than two cycles in a row without releasing the pressure lid to prevent damage.
Does the Q-Cup Max filter the water?
No, the Q-Cup Max does not filter the water, however, unlike cheaper hydrogen bottles, the Q-Cup Max hydrogen water bottle will not add chlorine and ozone to the water you drink. The special PEM membrane in the hydrogen water bottle allows chlorine and ozone to be separated safely from the hydrogen water.
Should I fill the Q-Cup Max with water before I generate hydrogen or should I leave some empty space for air?
When generating hydrogen, it is recommended to completely fill the Hydrogen water bottle with water or as close as you can to the top for best results.
How do I know if it is working properly; is it the bubbles?
Yes, the bubbles are a sign that the hydrogen water bottle is working properly.
Can I use my own glass or plastic drinking bottle with the hydrogen water bottle?
Yes, the hydrogen water bottle comes with an adaptor to attach it to most regular sized glass or plastic bottles.
Does it replace an electric water ionizer?
If your main reason for spending $5,000 on average on an electronic ionizer is molecular Hydrogen (H2), then yes, it does replace it. You still need a good water filter that removes the contaminants you don’t want in your hydrogen water bottle and if that water filter produces H2 water as well, all the better. However, the hydrogen water bottle still fills in where the bigger ionizers cannot do. It’s portable.
Q-Cup Max: Impact and Effectiveness
What can I expect from regular use of the Q-Cup Max?
Our experience with H2 water is that it supports our natural metabolism. You may experience more energy, and other things about your health may also improve. We do not claim it is a cure-all. However, it supports the body’s natural functions. It supports the production of natural antioxidants such as glutathione. It supports our natural inflammatory cascade. And it may enhance immune system function. By reading the many research studies on hydrogen water you’ll discover all the other amazing ways it supports your health.
Why should I choose the Q-Cup Max over other hydrogen water bottles?
- The hydrogen water bottle comes from a company using proven technology we trust and understand. We’ve been testing other models and this one was the best.

- This model has 9 layers of electrodes that make concentrated Hydrogen water faster.

- It has the most advanced SPE and PEM technology and comes with platinum coated ion membrane.

- You get molecular hydrogen concentrates of 3000 ~ 4000 ppb in two 5-minute cycles. Plus you get ORP’s down to -800Mv Oxidation-Reduction.

- Each charge lasts up to 15 batches before needing another charge.

- You can leave the flask at home and use a plastic bottle at the office or gym, with bottleneck adaptor sizes included for most re-usable water bottles.

- Premium non-toxic platinum-coated titanium electrode plates cost more but don’t leach toxic nickel, molybdenum or chromium into the water like cheap imitations.

- Works with all potable water types: RO, filtered water and purified tap water. Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine from tap water are expelled into a bottom waste chamber (Some waters give better H2 levels than others).
Q-Cup Max: Care and Maintenance
How do I know when to do citric acid cleaning on my Q-Cup Max?
If you are using tap water or mineral water, it is likely calcium scale will build up onto the electrode plates faster. Perform a citric acid cleaning when you see less bubbles appearing during hydrogen water generation.
How do I clean my Q-Cup Max hydrogen water bottle?
Ideally, clean the electrode plates periodically (1-3 times per month).

To do the cleaning, dissolve 20 grams of citric acid in 200ml of warm water (50°C). Do Not Use Boiling Water. Once dissolved, pour into bottle and leave to soak for 2 hours. Then rinse 2-3 times with clean water.

Note that the base of the hydrogen water bottle contains electronic components, so you should avoid getting water onto the exterior of the base and the charging port and cable.
How do I recharge the Q-Cup Max?
The red LED light will flash to indicate low battery power. Plug the charging cable into the device to start charging. The device will fully charge in about 1.5 hours.
How long does the Q-Cup Max last on one full charge?
The Q-Cup Max should run for up to 15 batches before recharging is required.
How do I store my Q-Cup Max when I am not using it?
Simply leave a small amount of water in the bottom of the hydrogen water bottle covering the electrodes/membrane. The Q-Cup Max comes with a white plastic screw-in protective plug that covers the membrane when you are not using it.

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Great experience with Safe Serene Space. Not so great experience with Qlife Max (the makers of the Q-Cup). Doesn’t work after a couple of months. And the company ignores my emails. Horrible product. Horrible service.