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About Somavedic

If this helps only one single person, then the effort was worth it.

Ivan Rybjansky,  founder of Somavedic

The very first Somavedic was assembled by Ivan Rybjansky on April 1, 2011 in his Czech Republic workshop. At that time, he had this vision. The same year, he produced and sold 500 devices.

After years of innovation, research, testing and collecting feedback, Somavedic has come a long way. Now, tens of thousands of Somavedic devices are shining and harmonizing the environment throughout the whole world.

With every new Somavedic that is switched on this vision is being fulfilled and becoming a reality.

Somavedic’s mission is to bring Somavedic into as many households, offices and health & wellness clinics as possible. In a nutshell, we want to create a healthier home & work environment for everybody. We want to create spaces where people can feel better, have more energy, more focus and where their relationships thrive.


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Choosing the right model is easy.  These are our top choices for home and work.


Medic Green Ultra



5G Protection


EMF Protection


Neutralize Free Radicals


Eliminate Geopathic Stress


Effective Coverage


100 ft radius or 2800 sq ft



100 ft radius or 2800 sq ft



100 ft radius or 2800 sq ft



Structure Water


Unique Attributes


Equivalent to Sky + Water Structuring



4x the power of Medic Green Ultra