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Lenka Vostrelova
Increased Energy with Medic Green Ultra, Ruby and Cobalt

I wish all those who long for physical balance and spiritual wellbeing have a good day. Five months ago I was drained, unbalanced, and lacking in zest for life. So I decided to get the Somavedic Medic Uran [Medic Green Ultra]. Immediately after switching it on, I felt fantastic energy, I felt a tingling sensation in my arms and legs and even a tickling sensation in my third eye near it. I was also impressed by its beautiful colors and its fantastic radiance. I was also surprised by the taste of the tap water, thanks to the potency of my new family member.
In the past I couldn't bring myself to drink enough water, now I look forward to every sip. The water is really refreshing and tasty. The detoxification of my body was easy and my spiritual well-being grew from day to day. When I felt the effectiveness of this invaluable "friend", I decided to buy Medic Rubin and Medic Kobalt as well. These energies and colors, which calm and harmonize, cannot be described in words.
After almost five months I feel like a different person, like a newborn. I am much more balanced and positive than before, I start life as it is without reservation, I can love more - both myself and others. I also have a lot more energy, even my skin has improved noticeably and my wrinkles have receded, which is of course a pleasant bonus. :-)
From the bottom of my heart I thank Mr. Rybjanský and the whole Somavedic team for their invaluable work and I wish everyone that they allow themselves to experience the wonders that these wonderful, radiant "beings" bring into our lives.
Somavedic Ruby

Somavedic Ruby has all the same features and properties as Somavedic Sky, plus benefits from the unique properties of the Ruby crystal to inspire spiritual growth, encourage kindness and open hearts.

Somavedic Cobalt

Cobalt is built on a strong and proven foundation of the Somavedic Sky model. It has been enriched with additional stones, which have a positive influence on the psyche, intuition, and concentration. Cobalt may help to alleviate depressive states.

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra

Somavedic Medic Green Ultra is our absolute bestseller! It's an ideal choice for virtually any place that needs to harmonize its space and at the same time it structures the water.