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Melinda Asztalos
Brilliant Client Results with Ruby and Cobalt

I have used the Ruby and Cobalt Somavedic devices with my clients with brilliant results. By combining techniques to regenerate my body with aligning the respective energies of each device, my clients' bodies can receive more healing in a variety of ways. Customers report a great feeling of lightness, peace, significantly reduced stress and remarkable changes in the digestive, reproductive, endocrine and skeletal systems.
I am deeply delighted and enthusiastic about the ease with which the energy flows and how the energies connect with individual bodies in a way that enables them to receive what they can receive in the moment . I get a clear awareness of where and how long the devices can be placed on the body. As an energy practitioner, it is nice to work in association with a device that emits a very high vibration of conscious energy. This energy invites participation in the movement of the molecules to create greater opportunities for each client, regardless of their situation.
With deep gratitude,
Melinda Asztalos
Practitioner and Specialist in Body Regeneration
Somavedic Ruby

Somavedic Ruby has all the same features and properties as Somavedic Sky, plus benefits from the unique properties of the Ruby crystal to inspire spiritual growth, encourage kindness and open hearts.

Somavedic Cobalt

Cobalt is built on a strong and proven foundation of the Somavedic Sky model. It has been enriched with additional stones, which have a positive influence on the psyche, intuition, and concentration. Cobalt may help to alleviate depressive states.