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How to Measure and Reduce EMFs at Home - a Beginner’s Guide

January 17, 2022 14 min read

Smart Homes - Measure and Reduce Home EMFs

How to Measure and Reduce EMFs at Home - a Beginner’s Guide

EMFs are the Fastest Growing Environmental Toxin

With rapid advances in wireless technology, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and wireless radiation (Radiofrequencies or “RF”) have now become the largest and fastest-growing environmental toxins we are exposed to daily. 

We all accept that lead, air pollution, and other toxic chemicals can damage our health and, more specifically, these toxins can damage brain development. Science has also demonstrated that wireless and EMF radiation can synergistically increase the effect of these daily toxic exposures because of the ways in which wireless radiation alters the body’s natural functioning.1

In the same way that we take great lengths to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals, lead, asbestos and mold in our homes, it is time to do the same with respect to EMFs. 

As the proliferation of cell towers, small cells, and satellites continues unabated, the one place that is our last refuge is our home, where we have the most control and choice.

Highest Priority Space to Protect

Building Biologists, who are certified in the science of healthy buildings2, advocate that:

The single most important space we need to make into an EMF sanctuary is our bedroom - the space where we spend at least a third of our lives.

Importance of Making your Bedroom an EMF Sanctuary

Our bodies undergo an enormous amount of repair and regeneration when we sleep at night.  Exposure to EMFs during sleep makes it nearly impossible for our bodies to activate its repair and regeneration programs to allow for recovery from the EMF exposures that we have no control over during the day when we are out and about.  

During sleep, our pineal gland, which is located behind the pituitary in the brain, produces a healthy spike of melatonin - at least 10x the amount produced during the day.  Not only is melatonin essential for establishing a healthy circadian rhythm, it is also the most potent known antioxidant and a cancer-stopping agent.  The sheer number of places in our body that have receptors for melatonin indicate just how important it is to the whole-body function.  It is used by nearly every organ, including the brain, liver, intestines, kidneys, cardiovascular system and gallbladder as well as in immune cells, fat cells and even in the skin.

In this video clip (6 minutes from 18:26 - 24:28), Roger Coghill, biologist and EMF researcher, explains what happens during sleep and the importance of melatonin to our health.  He demonstrates what happens to our bodies at the cellular level when exposed to EMFs, and why this results in chronic illness.


The negative effect that EMFs have on melatonin is well established.

Reduced melatonin is also associated with arthritis, depression and suicide, seasonally affective disorder (SAD), miscarriage, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.3

In summary, the bedroom (or our sleep space) is the most important room in our homes to protect from EMF - not only because we spend a third of each day in this room, but the bodily functions that take place during sleep are super critical to reversing any cellular damage incurred during the day, and maintaining overall health and well-being.

What EMFs to Measure

As introduced in What are EMF’s?, these are the specific types of EMFs that we most want to avoid and eliminate in our bedroom and living spaces.  For each type, we also call out the metric and the maximum safety threshold level recommended by Building Biologists.

  • Man-made EMFs:
    • Radio Frequency (RF) from cell phones, WiFi 
    • AC Electric Fields
    • AC Magnetic Fields
    • Dirty Electricity

How to Measure Home EMFs

Because all of the above EMFs are invisible, silent and odorless, the only way to detect their presence is through devices that can locate and measure all hidden sources accurately.  

Measuring EMF levels is the first step in any EMF mitigation effort.  Measuring provides you with a baseline and dramatically helps you fine-tune your mitigation efforts so that they can be as effective as possible.  The ability to see and hear current readings detected by EMF measuring devices will motivate you to take immediate action to address them.

The easiest but most expensive way to locate EMF sources and measure the fields they emit would be to hire professionals.

There are 2 types of professionals who can help:

  1. To measure all man-made EMFs, you can hire certified building biologists who are trained to analyze indoor environments.  They can systematically seek to reduce chemical, mold, electric, magnetic, radio-frequency and other environmental toxins in your home.  They can also help you learn how to use meters and answer questions you may have about EMFs.
  2. To detect geopathic stress zones in your home, you can employ the services of a professional dowser or geomancer.  

If you are electrically hypersensitive (EHS) and are already knowingly affected by EMFs, hiring professionals to methodically detect and clear every source of EMF (man-made or otherwise) is highly recommended.  

But if you are just beginning to become aware of the dangers of EMFs and curious to understand how much you are exposed to on a daily basis and whether they are within the safe levels, we offer the following more affordable approach which we have personally applied to good effect in our own homes.

If you suffer insomnia or you are planning to have babies, or if you have survived cancer, or have young children under your care, or currently suffering some kind of illness that is not responding well to treatment, we urge you to take the necessary steps to understand your EMF exposure in your home today.  We can assure you that the EMFs outside your home will only keep rising, especially if you live in urban and suburban areas.  The first and primary place for protecting yourself and your family is your home - where you have the most control.

EMF Measurement Tools

Type of EMF Exposure

Recommended Maximum Safety Threshold*


Sleep Time

AC Magnetic Fields

1.0 milliGauss (mG) 

0.5 milliGauss (mG)

AC Electric Fields

5 volts per meter (V/m) 

1.5 volts per meter (V/m) 

Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation 

100 microwatts per meter square (mW/m2

10 microwatts per meter square (mW/m2

Dirty Electricity

50 Graham-Stetzer Units (GSU)

50 Graham-Stetzer Units (GSU)

*Recommended for the general population by building biologists. Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines for Sleeping Areas can be referenced here.4

In this section, we recommend the following devices to help you detect and measure the EMFs in your home so that you can compare them against the above recommended safe levels.

  1. RD-10 EMF Meter


    ENV RD-10 Meter

    Based on our research and direct experience, for those just getting their feet wet in this field, this is hands-down the easiest to use 3-in-1 EMF meter available today.  It measures: Radio frequencies, Magnetic fields and Electric fields.  It has high sensitivity for its price range yet is so easy to use especially for beginners due to its intuitive design.  

    There are 9 levels of EMF field intensity shown by 9 LEDs: from GREEN through ORANGE to RED. By matching the LED reading with the appropriate numbers on the chart displayed prominently on the front of the device, approximate numerical values can be noted.  Audible beeping further highlights ORANGE and RED zones.

    There are 2 modes of use that we recommend with this device:

    1. As a Detection and Scanning tool, this video shows how simple it is to use the RD-10 EMF Meter:

    2. As a Measurement tool, the RD-10 EMF Meter can be connected to an Android or a PC to get precise measurements.  This is a more advanced level of use and recommended if you want to get to precise numbers to compare against the Recommended Safety Thresholds.

      RD-10 EMF Meter Android Screen Shots

      Still very simple to use, this video shows how to connect the device to your Android and use the app.

      App and Software download instructions are offered in the
      Product Page FAQ.

  2. Dirty Electricity Meter 


    Measuring dirty electricity

    The Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter is recommended to measure dirty electricity.

    It is also very easy to use: just plug the device into your wall outlet and it gives you a number in Graham-Stezer, or GS, units.

    The reading should ideally be below 50 GS units.  If it is not, you can try to eliminate devices that are causing this high reading and/or install dirty electricity filters to reduce your exposure.

  3. Geopathic Stress Detection Tool

    In the article,
    Geopathic Stress Symptoms, Is your Home Making you Sick?, we introduced what Geopathic Stress is as most people have never heard of it, yet its dangers are all too real.  This article shared the science behind dowsing and also shared a checklist of signs to watch for as indicators of geopathic stress.

    Investigators have tried many different instruments, such as geo-magnetometers (some very expensive), but none have proved as consistently reliable, accurate or as quick as a human dowser.  Most scientists measuring geopathic stress with instruments will take a dowser along to locate the radiation initially.

    This video clip (5 minutes from 33:09 - 38:00) shows exactly that - a scientist with a geo-magnetometer and a dowser with his L-Rods working side-by-side to detect geopathic stress zones.  Note that the scientist declared that his device, the geo-magnetometer is “much slower than the dowser’s instruments - namely his body and his L-Rods”!

    Dowsing for Geopathic Stress zones can be learned in a matter of minutes.  Many, including us, who did not even believe in dowsing or geopathic stress found to their amazement that they could dowse immediately.

    You can easily make your own L-Rods with 2 coat hangers. Learn how to dowse with this Beginner’s Guide to Rod Dowsing video.  As per the video, you will replace “buried silver” with “geopathic stress” in your questions to ask.  You can follow the same process demonstrated and see what answers you get. 

Initial Steps - Locating EMF Hotspots in your Living Space

Now that you have the detection and measuring tools ready, and know how to use them, it is time to put them to the test!  These steps are to be applied to each of your living spaces, especially your bedroom.  It is no surprise that building biologists spend at least 2 hours for each bedroom that they evaluate and assess.   

Our objective is to scan the space where you sleep (especially where your head hits the pillow) and where you work, especially where you sit for prolonged periods.  You will want to scan for all the above EMFs around these areas first, extending the same principles to the rest of your home.  

In some cases which we call out below, you may simply go ahead and eliminate that source altogether and retest to validate that you have effectively done so.  If it is not so easy to eliminate, then you can move your sleeping area or work chair to a “safer” location in your home.

Magnetic Fields

Considered by Building Biologists to be the most harmful of all EMFs, magnetic fields wear you down, causing a depressing influence on the immune system and known to be carcinogenic.

Magnetic Fields from Overhead Power Transmission Lines

Detection/Scanning: RD-10 EMF Meter setting:LFM, Audio On

Measurement: RD-10 EMF Meter with settings above connected to Android or PC with requisite software

Remember to rotate the device to all directions to find the highest, and most accurate, reading.

Key Sources of Magnetic Fields 

What to do if levels exceed Safety Threshold

Outside Source: Overhead power transmission lines or power transmission lines that are buried in the ground alongside or under your house

If the levels are consistently above 1-2 milliGauss wherever you measure in certain parts of your house, you must move where you sleep to another part of the house where they are lower, or, if that is not possible or the readings are high everywhere, you must consider moving altogether.

Electric current on the grounding paths of your electrical system, including the water service supply pipe and cable TV cable sheathing.

Can be eliminated with the help of professionals.  In the meantime, move where you sleep or work or play.

Wiring errors on branch circuits in your walls, floors and ceilings

Can be eliminated with the help of electricians and building biology professionals.  In the meantime, move where you sleep or work or play.

Point Sources:

  • Refrigerator when motor is running
  • Electric Stove
  • Induction Cooktop
  • Hair dryer
  • Electric Clock Radio or Digital Alarm Clock due to transformer 
  • Circuit Breaker Panels
  • Solar Power Inverters
  • Saunas 
  • Transformers
  • Halogen Lamps

Carefully measure each of these point sources with your RD-10 EMF meter.

Avoid use if possible.

Carefully plan to keep and/or move desks, chairs, beds and couches to a safe distance away from these sources. 

Remember the EMFs penetrate walls - so never place your bed behind the wall where the Refrigerator or Electric stove is located. 

Measure before and after with the RD-10 EMF meter to ensure you have created sufficient distance for safety.

Electric Fields

Measuring electric fields from electric cords

Electric fields are the most common, but least understood and vastly overlooked EMF in a house. They are mostly a problem at night when we sleep.  Electric fields coming from wires in your bedroom walls, floor and power cords create an agitating, disruptive influence that interfere with deep rest and the regeneration capacity of the body.  

Building biologists consider levels below 1.5 V/m to be safe for sleeping areas. The average healthy person starts to notice that sleep is more disturbed and agitated starting at around 3.0 - 4.5 V/m. The average bedroom, on the other hand, has 15 - 22 V/m and up.5

In the table below, we call out key sources and remediation suggestions.

Detection/Scanning: RD-10 EMF Meter setting: LFE, Audio On

Measurement: RD-10 EMF Meter with settings above connected to Android or PC with requisite software

Remember to rotate the device to all directions to find the highest, and most accurate, reading.


Key Sources of Electric Fields 

What to do if levels exceed Safety Threshold

Electric Heating Pad or Electric Blanket

Avoid its use

Waterbed while the electric heating element is plugged in, even if it is not turned on

Avoid its use

Electrical radiant ceiling or floor heating systems

Avoid them or consider low-EMF options.

Plugged in power cords, electric cords.  Cell phone, tablets, laptop charging.

Unplug them at night, especially the ones by your bed. Do not charge your cell phone, tablets and other devices next to your bed!

All Electrical Appliances

Do not place beds on the other side of a wall where a major appliance like a refrigerator is installed.  Around your sleeping area, unplug electrical items before you sleep.  

Electrical wiring, including those hidden behind walls and floors

Even with the lights off and everything unplugged, there are still large amounts of AC electric pressure, known as voltage, coming off the hot wire in circuits inside the walls. 

These electric fields extend out 6-8 feet into your sleeping space from the walls and floor.  

If these fields come within 6-8 feet of the 360 bubble around your sleep area, consider moving your bed a few feet away from the wall. 

Additionally, Building biologists can help determine precisely which circuits / breakers to shut off for each bedroom to eliminate these electric fields while you sleep at night. 

In our experience, the safety threshold recommended for sleep is near impossible to achieve without shutting off the circuits/breakers to your bedroom before you sleep. Professional help to do this safely is highly recommended.

Dirty Electricity

Dirty Electricity is one of the least understood and most challenging EMFs to mitigate.  For the purposes of creating a safe sleeping sanctuary, the solution is relatively simple: 

By shutting off your bedroom circuits/breakers at night, not only will you eliminate electric field EMFs, you will also cut out dirty electricity.  Dirty electricity travels on the hot wire of circuits and when the wire gets shut off at night with remote switches, then dirty electricity is effectively eliminated as well.6

Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation

Measuring Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation

All wireless devices emit RF radiation.  You can test this for yourself with the RD-10 EMF meter.  Even things as innocent as toys are now being equipped with wifi antennas.  So if you are not vigilant when making new purchases, you may be unknowingly adding to the EMF radiation levels within your home.  This is another reason why we highly recommend that you invest in a good EMF meter and put it to use.  Your body and your family will thank you for this!

Detection/Scanning: RD-10 EMF Meter setting: RF, Audio On

Measurement: RD-10 EMF Meter with settings above connected to Android or PC with requisite software

Remember to rotate the device to all directions to find the highest, and most accurate, reading.

Be aware that cell phones, smart meters, and Wi-Fi routers change RF levels very rapidly due to protocol definitions.  Cell phones will adjust their levels based on the signal strength from the cell tower and any intervening obstacles to that signal.  Smart meters often send very fast signal bursts every few seconds. And Wi-Fi routers adjust signal strength based on the transfer load.  So it is important to take the time to capture peak measurements. 


Key Sources of RF Fields 

What to do if levels exceed Safety Threshold

Cell Phones 

Keep cell phones outside of the bedroom. Never sleep with it next to you by your bedside table.  If you do bring it into your bedroom, turn on airplane mode and keep it 8 feet away from your bed.  

Cell Phone as alarm clock

Not a good idea unless it is in Airplane Mode, with Bluetooth, WiFi, NFR antennas all turned off as well.

WiFi router

Always turn this off at night.  Keep it away from bedrooms.  Better yet, switch back to wired connections.  

Laptops, Tablets, Computers

Keep all electronic devices with WiFi, Bluetooth outside your bedroom.  

Cordless DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology) phones

Keep away from all bedrooms, especially the base station. Switch to corded phones if possible.

Smart Meters

Opt out if this is an option.  Locate beds at least 10 feet away from Smart meters.  Put a smart meter guard over your smart electric, water, and gas meters.

Baby Monitors

Not many low-EMF versions out there.  Minimize use if at all.  Keep monitors a safe distance away from babies and mothers.  Test with the RD-10 EMF meter to determine this.

Bluetooth devices - airpods, fitbit, etc

Keep these items off your body at night when you sleep, and in a different room.

Microwave Ovens

Avoid usage, keep out of your bedroom.  

Security / Alarm Systems

Opt for wired sensors

Smart Appliances - TVs, Thermostats

Opt for brands that allow you to disable WiFi.  Unplug and disable WiFi nightly.  

Outside Source: Nearby Cell Towers

Measure with the RD-10 EMF Meter how much RF is entering your room.  Move your bed to a safer location that does not get irradiated by the nearby cell tower.

Outside Source: 5G Small Cells

To avoid beam-formed 5G millimeter wave signals from entering your home, do not invite them in!  Do not use a 5G-enabled phone or device if you live near a city’s downtown core.  

The article, 5G Protection: Why and How, goes into more depth introducing the unique risks of 5G and how to protect yourself.


Measuring EMFs from Smart Home Devices

Geopathic Stress

Regardless where you call home, almost every home has geopathic stress zones. 

During a ten year period of my work with earth energies I can confess that I found only two houses absolutely free of negative earth energies.  All I can say is that the occupants of those houses looked remarkably vital and happy.7

Should you detect geopathic stress zones in your sleeping area, or other living spaces, you have a number of remediation options:

  1. Move your bed to a “safer” location - away from geopathic stress and man-made EMFs.
  2. Hire a dowsing professional to perform “earth acupuncture” to clear the geopathic stress.

    The thing to note about geopathic zones is that they are never constant - they shift continually based on the seasons, ground water levels, nearby construction and renovations.  So it is not a one time remediation with the above approaches.

  3. A more lasting solution is to bring home a Somavedic.  Applying the same dowsing protocol we have recommended, we have consistently observed that within 3 hours of installing the Somavedic, geopathic stress zones detected earlier were all neutralized!

Protection from EMF Radiation for the whole family

Because we are in essence “light” beings, we are affected by electromagnetic frequencies.  In this article, we have shared at a very basic level, how to measure and remediate exposure to negative EMFs in our homes.8

Avoidance is always the first principle, followed by creating physical distance from the source.

Additionally, just as we ourselves have done, we also recommend bringing into your homes the positive, health-enhancing energies that Somavedic radiates. Certified by renowned third-party labs, Somavedic works tirelessly 24/7 to provide cellular protection against harmful EMFs.  

As you work towards achieving the recommended threshold levels in your sleeping area, and with the energetic support offered by Somavedic, you will find yourself sleeping as deeply as you would if you were camping outdoors, but you are still in the comfort of your own bed!


1 Wireless Radiation/Electromagnetic Fields Increases Toxic Body Burden, https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/the-environment-and-health/wireless-radiationelectromagnetic-fields-increases-toxic-body-burden/, Retrieved July 27, 2021.

2 https://buildingbiologyinstitute.org/

3 Neil Cherry. “EMF/EMR Reduces Melatonin in Animals and People.”  September 2, 2002. https://researcharchive.lincoln.ac.nz/bitstream/handle/10182/3906/90_b1_EMR_Reduces_Melatonin_in_Animals_and_People.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y.  Retrieved July 27, 2021.

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8 For more detailed guidance from building biologists, we recommend these resources: https://createhealthyhomes.com/, https://www.eiwellspring.org/ehs/HowToMeasureHouseEMF.htm

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